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Orthopedics and Traumatology

In our hospital; Surgical and non-surgical treatment of knee, hip, waist, shoulder, hand, wrist, elbow, foot and ankle problems are successfully performed by our Orthopedics and Traumatology team.

The most common reason for our patients to apply to our orthopedic clinic; problems with the knee. This is because the knee joint is the most stressed joint compared to other joints. Joint cartilage disorders, meniscus tears, ligament injuries are common problems in the knee joint. These problems are; ache; It causes complaints such as swelling, feeling of hanging, feeling of emptiness. These complaints do not occur in the normal knee joint. If it is to be; makes it difficult to consult an orthopedic doctor as soon as possible. Today's advanced orthopedic treatment methods,

Meniscus tear and problems closed surgery
Surgical and non-surgical treatment of knee circumference fractures and dislocations
• It makes it possible to perform gonarthrosis (knee calcification) treatment (such as knee prosthesis) with a high success rate.

A painless and comfortable hip joint is indispensable for quality of life. Fractures, dislocations, infection, osteoporosis and joint arthrosis (calcification) are the most common hip problems. Restriction of hip joint movements and pain with movement are complaints that cannot be encountered in a normal hip. In the presence of any of these complaints, it is necessary to consult an orthopedic doctor. The most commonly treated hip joint problems are:

Congenital hip dislocation seen in children
Injuries caused by congenital hip dislocation; child and adult hip fractures
Children's hip fractures
Adult hip fractures
Hip joint and cartilage problems (calcification)

The shoulder joint is the most important joint for us to use our arm in coordination.

Pain, not raising our arm, weakness do not occur in a normal shoulder. In the presence of these complaints, our hands and arms cannot do their job properly on the wrist. In this case, it becomes imperative to consult an orthopedist. The most commonly treated problems in the shoulder joint are as follows.

Shoulder fractures
Shoulder dislocations
Shoulder muscle tears
Tightness in the shoulder
Shoulder joint arthrosis (calcification)

There are exactly 27 bones of various sizes in the hand and wrist. Therefore, treatment is sensitive areas that require extreme attention and care. The most common problems of the hand and wrist that require treatment are as follows.

Finger, hand and wrist fractures and dislocations
Finger, hand and wrist dislocations
Muscle and tendon injury
Finger, hand and wrist cuts

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