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Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Physical therapy and rehabilitation, congenital or acquired muscle, nervous and skeletal system problems, as well as neurological diseases, orthopedic problems, hernia, paralysis, trauma, pain, arthritis, post-operative dysfunctions and other diseases. It is a specialty dealing with the diagnosis, treatment and preventive treatment of disabilities. For the treatment of function and movement losses that may develop differently in each person, many different treatment methods are applied to the patients by physical therapists.

The aim of the treatment is to eliminate the disorder that occurs as a result of different diseases and injuries and the situation that causes a decrease in the quality of life of the patient, to increase the independent movement potential, to eliminate the existing pain and complaints. In addition, modern rehabilitation techniques are applied by a specialist physical therapy and rehabilitation physician in order to eliminate the limitation of movement that occurs in patients after injuries and injuries during sports activities.

What is Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation?
Physical therapy and rehabilitation; It is a medical science that works with a multidisciplinary approach, that is, with other branches of medicine, for the improvement and elimination of the disability that affects the life and quality of life of the person, effectively returning the patient to his social life. The most appropriate treatment option is applied to the patient who is inpatient or outpatient in the physical therapy and rehabilitation department, taking into account his special situation. Many methods and technological equipment are used, such as heat applications, cryotherapy, cold applications, water treatment, treatment with electric currents, phototherapy, mechanotherapy and medication, in order to determine and eliminate the functional capacity that develops due to permanent and limitation of movement. In addition to muscular and skeletal system diseases, orthopedic rehabilitation applied after orthopedic interventions, movement disorders after stroke, facial paralysis, neurological rehabilitation after nerve injuries, and pediatric rehabilitation is applied for disorders that develop during childbirth. Rehabilitation after hand surgery for nerve cuts, fractures and similar problems, and rehabilitation of movement disorders due to burns are also performed by physical therapists.

What Is Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Interested?
Physical therapy and rehabilitation department deals with the elimination of pain and inflammation in patients, providing blood circulation, reducing the need for medication, and eliminating the problems caused by posture disorders. Physicians of the department create programs specific to the patient and the disease, organize and apply treatment. Patients with osteoporosis, carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel, neck and lumbar hernia, trigger finger, lymph nodes known as lymphedema together with SMA patients and patients who received radiotherapy and mastectomy due to breast cancer receive support from physical therapy and rehabilitation. With many methods such as intra-articular and soft tissue injections, PRP applications, neurotherapy, mesotherapy and pain treatment with dry needle, it is aimed to eliminate the conditions or situations that cause movement limitation and return the person to his normal life.

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