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Ice laser hair removal is a hair removal method that has become very popular in recent years. This method is less painful, faster and has fewer side effects than other laser hair removal methods.
Ice laser hair removal, unlike other laser hair removal methods, uses a layer of ice to cool the skin. In this way, laser beams penetrate deeper under the skin and work more effectively.
There are many clinics and centers providing ice laser hair removal services in the Istanbul Esenyurt region. In these centers, ice laser hair removal is performed by qualified specialists. During the procedure, using a special device, laser beams penetrate the hair follicles under the skin and destroy the hair follicles. In this way, the regrowth of the hairs is prevented.

Ice laser hair removal is usually completed between 6-8 sessions and is extremely effective. After the procedure, a slight redness and sensitivity may be seen on the skin, but these effects usually pass in a short time.
There are many different options for those who want to have ice laser hair removal in the Istanbul Esenyurt region. However, before having this procedure, it is important to talk to a specialist and have it checked if the procedure is right for you.
Ice laser epilation is preferred because it is less painful and has less side effects than other laser epilation methods. In addition, thanks to the cooling of the skin during the procedure, the side effects that may occur on the skin are also reduced.
Ice laser hair removal can also be applied to different skin types. However, for the process to be effective, the hair follicles must be dark enough. Therefore, the ice laser hair removal method may be less effective on light colored hairs and white hairs.The prices of the centers that perform ice laser hair removal in the Istanbul Esenyurt region may vary depending on the region to be treated and the number of sessions. Generally, the larger the trading area, the higher the prices can be. However, many centers offer discounts for bundled sessions.
Ice laser hair removal process creates a permanent effect on the skin and prevents the hairs from growing again. However, there are some issues that should be considered after the procedure. For example, sunlight should be avoided and a skin protective cream should be used. Also, to avoid irritating your skin after the procedure, you should avoid wearing tight clothes or rubbing the skin.

As a result, ice laser epilation in Istanbul Esenyurt region is preferred because it is less painful and has less side effects compared to other laser epilation methods. However, it may not be suitable for everyone and it is important to consult a specialist before the procedure. In addition, there are some points to be considered after the procedure.

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