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Esenyurt Private Hospital

Many hospitals serve in the field of health. These hospitals are categorized in two different ways as public and private. Hospitals are the most important elements of the diagnosis and treatment processes of diseases.

Hospitals working for the recovery of people receive government support. The government support received ensures the development of hospitals and providing quality services. The supports enable Esenyurt private hospitals and other hospitals to have an impact on the economy. The health sector incentive supports provide the development of hospitals and the revival of the country's economies.

Why is Private Hospital Preferred?

People apply to hospitals whenever they need. They get help on issues such as the causes of discomfort, treatment options to be applied, and the progress of treatment. Reasons for choosing a private hospital for these aids;

Finding the difference in private hospital service and quality, paying more attention to the private and individuals of the services received.
Esenyurt private hospital does not give future dates for the diagnosis and treatment methods that should be applied. No overcrowding.
Interventions are started immediately for the disease for which help is requested. In public hospitals, an appointment is made for the use of some machines required for diagnosis a few months later.
The fact that the patient density seen in public hospitals is not in private hospitals provides more attention to patients.
Private hospitals are especially chosen because there is no queue problem. The intensity experienced in public hospitals causes disruption of treatments and patients turn to private ones.

Service in Private Hospitals

In health institutions in the category of private hospitals in Esenyurt, where patients are more interested, services are provided in all areas of health, from aesthetics to oncology. In private hospitals that work with experienced and successful doctors in their fields such as obstetrics, ophthalmology, and general surgery, the costs are determined by various factors.

After the treatment, the patients are followed up with the same meticulousness. The inspection of private hospitals, which are patient-oriented, is carried out by the Ministry of Health. In public and private hospitals, first interventions are performed in emergency departments without any difference.

Supervision of Private Hospitals

Each hospital in the Esenyurt private hospital class, which is distinguished from public hospitals with its services and prices, serves under the control of the Ministry of Health. Prices, treatment modalities and the post-treatment process are carried out according to the rules published by the ministry at every similar stage. It is possible for private hospitals to continue to provide services by specializing in one area. All kinds of treatment and diagnosis methods of hospitals specializing in fields such as oncology can be examined.

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