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Esenyurt Nasolabial Filling

Facial lines become more pronounced as age progresses, making people look tired and unhappy.

Nasolabial lines arising from different factors are destroyed by Esenyurt nasolabial filling process. This is the biggest reason why people look older and sullen than they are.
The lines that attract attention in moments of laughter are known as laugh lines. Facial anatomy and genetic factors are the most effective reasons for the formation of the smile line. In addition, the decrease in collagen production in the body with aging, skin thickness and skin types are among the factors.

Where is Nasolabial Filling Process Done?

Nasolabial filling is a Latin term. It is composed of noso meaning nose and labial meaning lip. The area where nasolabial filling is performed is applied to the line starting from both sides of the nose and reaching the lip edge. The process that destroys the lines that become evident with genetic and external factors is also known as smile line aesthetics.
Alcohol and smoking, stress and unbalanced diet are among the effective causes of nasolabial lines. With the nasolabial filling process, people achieve a more energetic and youthful appearance. Filling is a process that is renewed at certain time intervals.

Which Considerations Should Be Considered Before Nasolabial Filling?

There are various points to be considered before the nasolabial filling process applied for aesthetic purposes. Important points before the filling process;
• As with all medical procedures, there is a possibility of complications in the aesthetic application of nasolabial filling.
• Attention should be paid to the choice of the center where the procedure will be performed and the budget. The choice of safe Esenyurt nasolabial filling procedures is important.
• Detailed information about the risks in the filling process should be obtained from the doctor.
• Medical background information should be given to the doctor and individuals with allergies should be informed about the suitability of the filling process together with the doctor.

How is Nasolabial Filling Procedure Applied?

The day of the operation is decided together with the doctor who is informed about the medical history and allergies. Local anesthesia is usually applied during the procedure. Filling material is injected into the laughing lines numbed with anesthesia. The injected filler makes the lines plump and disappear. The operation is completed in 20 to 30 minutes. Esenyurt nasolabial filling process is performed in more than one session. The process is done in sessions to prevent the filling from affecting the living standards. After the operation, individuals return to their lives in a short time. Also, you should not stay in cold or hot environments for at least 10 days after the procedure.

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