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Esenyurt Tickle Mesotherapy

The mesotherapy process takes place in the lower part of the chin, known as the submental area, and the formation that occurs with the fat distributions and skin sagging is called the jowl.
It causes individuals to appear heavier than normal. Preventing the users of jowl use from feeling good aesthetically. People achieve the look they want with the Esenyurt jowl mesotherapy process. It is a safe option that gives precise results.

What is the Jowl Mesotherapy Procedure?

The process of melting the fats formed in the submental region of the lower part of the chin using a microinjection application with a mixture containing a variety of similar to each other is called jowl mesotherapy. It is one of the medical applications for aesthetic purposes. The fat collected by the process is destroyed, the skin rejuvenation of the part, which is the application area of the process, takes place. Skin sagging in the jowl area can be intervened. Jaw frames are pronounced.

Who Can Be Applied to Jowl Mesotherapy?

Various factors are considered in Esenyurt jowl mesotherapy applications. It is shaped by looking at the reasons for jowl protection that are not only related to the weight problem. Persons to whom the procedure can be applied;
• Those whose jowl part does not create too much fat,
• Those who experience sagging in the jowl area,
• Those who are older and overweight due to local fat support,
• Those who have lost their jaw line as a result of excess fat cells in their jowl and jowl sagging,
• People who have aesthetic concerns due to the problem experienced,
It is one of the non-surgical aesthetic treatment options that can be applied to the listed people. First of all, the cause of the jowl problem should be used. We do not show success in the examination until the reasons are learned. Centers that are safe, sterile and working with specialist doctors should be selected for the procedure.
Reasons for the Jowl Mesotherapy Procedure
Due to many different examinations, mesotherapy is carried out using its efficiency. Esenyurt jowl mesotherapy;
• Occurrence when the genetic characteristics of the cells are effective in the formation of the jowl.
• Loss of skin elasticity and sagging as signs of progressive aging,
• Weakening of the postures of individuals in the jaw and neck muscles,
Causes such as plastic surgery failure occurs in the jowl region. Those who do not like the food produced due to the formation of the jowl have Esenyurt jowl mesotherapy procedure done.
Jowl Mesotherapy Procedure Application
The areas of execution of the first jowl area of the mesotherapy unit are determined. Jowl mesotherapy begins as a result of numbing the procedure with a cream containing local anesthetic. The aesthetic process is usually completed in 10 minutes, several sessions of mesotherapy can be applied according to the usually occurring in food. It takes 10 to 15 days between sessions to reach the desired restrictions. The results of the procedure begin to be seen after 2 or 3 sessions. It does not provide permanent solutions, but its effect lasts for a long time thanks to permanent skin care and weight control.

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