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Esenyurt Driver's License Report

Those who want to get a driver's license or renew their license have to get an Esenyurt driver's license report. The report is obtained free of charge from family physicians. If there is no obstacle, a driver's license health report is issued. Other than family medicine, the health institutions that issue a health report for driver's license are as follows;
• Health facilities affiliated to the Ministry of Health or universities.
• Private hospitals.
• Private medical centers.
• Family health centers or health centers.
• Private practices.
• Private polyclinics.

Reporting Conditions

Esenyurt driver's license report, which is obligatory to get a new driver's license other than adding a class to the driver's license or renewing it, and if the driver's license is lost, has changed in 2016. The driver's license class and reporting requirements determined by the group concept were divided into 2 groups.
 A1, A2, A, B1, B, BE, F and M class driving license reports in the 1st group.
 In the 2nd group, C1, C1E, C, CE, D1, D1E, D, DE and G class reports are prepared.
Those who will receive an Esenyurt driver's license report should also have the following documents when applying to health institutions.
• Blood group card.
• Two photographs.
• Glasses or lenses, if applicable.
• Prosthesis, if any.
• Continuously used medication.

Tests When Receiving Reports

The purpose of the driver's license health report is to prove that those who want to get a driver's license have realized their sight and hearing skills. At the same time, it is aimed to test the reactions to be shown in situations that may occur in traffic, as well as the diseases passed.
Driver's license reports are easily issued by family physicians in Turkey. The process of getting the report is short and there is no need to pay any money for it, it is provided free of charge within the same day. The tests and examinations performed while taking the report are as follows;
• Hearing loss.
• Loss of balance.
• Financial and alcohol dependence.
• Cataract or visual impairment.
• Night and color blindness.
• Epilepsy.

Personal Health Information Form

A driver's license report is a type of report that is extremely easy to apply via e-government. After entering the e-government system, the personal health information form on the screen is filled.
It is imperative that the requested information is correct and complete, otherwise problems will be encountered while obtaining the report. When the physician marks the "becomes a driver" part on the report, the person is entitled to receive the report.

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