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Esenyurt Gynecologist

Doctors who are trained and specialized in obstetrics and gynecology are called obstetricians. Esenyurt gynecologist, who works as an obstetrician, deals with the treatment of menopause, gynecology, pregnancy, childbirth and infertility. Obstetricians receive the title of operator because they perform surgeries. These doctors are called gynecologists. Patients of obstetricians are women of all age groups. Doctors who are active in the early diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases should be visited regularly.
How to Become an Obstetrician?
Physicians who have completed 4 years of practical and theory training in the field of obstetrics and gynecology after 6 years of medical school become obstetricians. Only in cases of gynecological diseases and genital system related to pregnancy, these doctors come into play. Gynecologists' areas of specialization are diverse. These doctors treat diseases such as cancer, birth control, menopause, abortion that are specific to women. They have the chance to choose one of these diseases and specialize in it. Physicians who aim to specialize in a single field or in different fields specialize by receiving special training on top of their basic education.
Which Diseases Do Obstetricians Treat?
1. Esenyurt obstetrician performs routine check-ups of women during pregnancy. She treats problems in menstrual cycles.
2. They are obstetricians who perform duties such as general examination before pregnancy, tests to confirm pregnancy, regular monitoring if pregnancy is present.
3. It is the gynecologist who decides and performs the birth during the pregnancy process that progresses smoothly until the birth stage. They decide on the patient's cesarean or normal delivery.
4. The authority to perform the abortion procedure belongs to these doctors. Obstetricians perform the treatment of discharge, sagging or surgery, birth control and the treatment of families who want a baby related to the genital system.
Where Do Obstetricians Work?
Obstetricians and gynecologists work in public hospitals, private hospitals, examinations and clinics. Esenyurt gynecologist performs in vitro fertilization with treatments for menstrual problems, menstrual pain and pain, family planning and infertility problems. It is not right to go to doctors who are experts and competent in their fields only when there is a problem, in case of illness. Regular medical check-ups are important for health.

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