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Esenyurt Health Report for Work

The document, which is obligatory to take for some occupational groups, determines the whole suitability of the health report for work in Esenyurt. The health of those who want to work in less dangerous or very dangerous jobs should be suitable for their job. Those who want to obtain a health certificate are directed to the contracted doctor.
After the worldly and spiritual examinations, it is determined that he will start working. Application server for worker and manager according to Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331. In case of a referral to a certain doctor by the employer, the report is obtained through the doctor in the health and safety institution.
Situations Requiring a Health Report for Work
The worker has the right to object to the report, so the objections are made to the referee hospital. According to the groups that appear, a direct action is taken against the person. Esenyurt pays pregnant women who want to get a health report for work. The following sections of the health report are taken;
• When the job is first entered.
• He left his job due to a health problem.
• Return to work due to health problems.
• Occurrence of health problems while working.
Health Report Renewal for Business
After seeing the health reports after the examination by the workplace doctor, the ministry of health of the doctors should be found confidential for a final examination. Esenyurt emerges with the right document for those who want to get a health report for work, both mentally and physically.
According to the report, the person is not suitable for his profession, he is not employed. Some departments need to renew their health report. Retention of cases that will require a renewal report;
• Recruitment.
• Job Change.
• Occupational disease.
• Work accident.
Health Report Period for Work
It has to be done by the employer as worker officers according to the law, otherwise the employer will be subjected to the penal action determined for the worker. In case of hiring those who are physically and mentally unsuitable for the profession, the insurance payment to be paid to the worker due to protective illness or work accident is taken from the customer.
The validity period of the report varies according to vocational education. The report received for dangerous and very dangerous works has a validity period of 3 years. Those who will work in a very dangerous job class must obtain a health report once a year. In the less dangerous occupation class, the validity period of the report is 5 years.

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