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Esenyurt Health Report

The Esenyurt health report, which is the document requested in official applications, is required to prove that the person is healthy. The report also identifies existing diseases. Legal results are the document that shows that the health report data is healthy in terms of physical and mental health, that proves its suitability to perform a certain job or purpose, and that is approved after the examination made by the authorized physician.
Types of Health Reports
There are reports expectations from departments such as getting a license, getting a job, applying to an educational institution or marriage. According to the reason for issuance, health report is divided into types;
• Recruitment report.
• Medication use report.
• Incapacity report.
• Marriage report.
• Driver's license report.
• Cloth report.
Report to Be Obtained for Recruitment
It shows the variability of the documents required for the Esenyurt health report obtained from family medicine, private hospitals, private medical centers and polyclinics, depending on the type of report. In the report to be taken for employment, 3 different report places as less dangerous workplaces, very dangerous workplaces and dangerous workplaces according to the occupational health and protection regulations.
Within the scope of social insurance and general health insurance law no. 5510, the incapacity report is issued in 4 different ways;
• Illness or illness.
• Workplace accident.
• Occupational disease.
• birth and mode of delivery are determined.
Marriage Health Report
Those with chronic diseases receive a drug use report, the duration of the report is 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. Esenyurt health report issued for marriage to carry out to determine the situation that will constitute an obstacle to marriage. According to the Turkish Civil Code, the following bodies that will prevent marriage are determined in the marriage health report;
• Syphilis.
• Leprosy.
• Yield.
• Gonorrhea.
• Chancroid.
Driver's License Health Report
The health report for the license is obtained from the health facilities of the universities, private hospitals, private polyclinics and medical centers. Using a driver's license health report, such as getting a new driver's license, renewing the driver's license, adding class and loss.
The diaper report will be given to those who are bedridden or have to use diapers. The payments made for the cloth to be included in the report are covered by SSI. In order to get a diaper statement, a copy of the ID and a diaper report given by the specialist physician are required along with the prescriptions.

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