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Esenyurt Pediatrician

Doctors who provide health and care services for children from infancy to adolescence are those who leave as pediatrics/pediatricians. Esenyurt pediatrician provides growth and development follow-up, general health, vaccination follow-up and vaccination services. It is provided with children with chronic diseases and who need to be constantly monitored. Pediatricians have different charts. After the basic medical education, they start to work by completing their education according to the fields preferred by the doctors.
What are the Pediatrician Specialties?
After 6 years of medical education, people who are successful in the graduation exam/TUS in medicine and who prefer the Department of Child Health and Diseases receive 4 years of training and start their duties. Doctors who finish their post-training internships become pediatricians. Pediatrician protection areas;
• Oncology and hematology deals with the treatment of cancer and blood diseases between the ages of 0-18.
• Infectious diseases occur with fungi-bacteria-parasites or rare infectious diseases and diseases that are difficult to treat.
• Rheumatology takes with children with diseases such as bone and muscle ailments, joints and arthritis.
• Nephrology deals with children with evacuation and transport diseases, transport stones and bladder tubes.
• Be interested in the treatment of chest diseases, lung diseases and respiratory diseases.
Apart from these fields, pediatricians can obtain the results of endocrinology, genetic diseases, emergency pediatric immunology and neurological diseases, neurology, cardiology, intensive care neonatology.

What are the Duties and Responsibilities of Pediatricians?

Esenyurt pediatrician's duties and duties are varied. These duties and responsibilities;
• Making routine checks of those who are not in any environment and informing mothers,
• Completing newborn baby controls, informing mothers about feeding and care of babies,
• Head and male measurements of newborns, vaccination follow-ups until they turn 1 year old,
These missions are important for consumers and keeping them under control. Pediatricians are responsible for the treatment and routine check-ups of all individuals with minor 18 spreads.

Where Can Pediatricians Work?

Employment in private practice, hospitals, community health centres, health care centres, military. They have the right to open a private inspection. They can serve in clinics as Esenyurt pediatricians. Rooms and offices of pediatricians are transformed into places where there are activities, games and books that will allow them to wait without getting bored while waiting for the examination and examination.

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