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Esenyurt Sports Report

According to the regulation that entered into force in 2001 by the General Directorate of Youth and Sports, the Esenyurt sports report is subject to 2 different regulations. According to the law, different sports health reports are issued for those who participate in sports events and those who will do individual sports.
According to Article 5 of the regulation, a license must be obtained from the relevant directorate or federation to participate in sports competitions. According to the 6th article of the same regulation, a health permit is also obligatory. The document is issued by a single physician. In the health examination;
• Detecting the current diseases of the athlete.
• Detecting possible diseases.
• Taking precautions against all kinds of diseases.
• Providing the athlete's treatment.
• In the form of changing the sporting activity.
Health Permit Certificate
Article 17 of the regulation regulates sports cards for people who do sports in situations that cover all activities such as education and training institutions, sports federations, private sports facilities, provincial sports centers. The personal and family anamies of the athletes who want to obtain an Esenyurt health report and health permit document are evaluated.
After a physical examination along with laboratory tests, the state of health is observed. Considering the sports branch to be performed within the scope of the examination, the examination is carried out accordingly.
E-Athlete Report
Those who have applied for referral via e-government since 2021 receive a document to determine that they are healthy to do sports. The e-athlete report certifies that the person is healthy and able to do sports with the document called first. After filling out the personal health information form via e-state, the athletes apply to the health institution.
If, as a result of the examinations and tests, the physician is convinced that it is possible to do sports, he gives an e-signed Esenyurt health report. In order to get a health report, the family doctor is consulted.
Health Report Validity Period
Those under the age of 18 do not need the necessary health report to do sports, only the permission of the parents is sufficient. The doctor determines the validity period of the report, only the identity document is sufficient to be a report.
If the family physician deems it necessary, the athlete is referred to private hospitals to be examined in the relevant department. The health report is obtained free of charge from family medicine clinics, and a fee is paid for the report in private hospitals.

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