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Hair Transplantation and Techniques

Many people face the problem of hair loss due to environmental factors and genetic factors. Age, stress, lack of genes and vitamin deficiencies are the main causes of hair loss. Hair transplantation and techniques allow the hair to return to its natural and healthy appearance with FUT, FUE and DHI transplantations. Transplanting hair follicles to sparse areas and performing hair transplantation directly are techniques that have been developing since the 90s.
How to do hair transplantation?
Two methods are used for the application of hair transplantation. One of these methods is the FUE technique, known as live hair follicle transplantation. The second technique is to take the hair from one area and plant it in a sparse area. Hair transplantation and techniques, which are applied without leaving a trace and without being obvious, are generally performed under local anesthesia.
    • Hair Transplantation FUT Technique; FUT technique, which is an old method, is to cut 3 cm of skin layer and transplant hair follicles to sparse areas. After this process, the hair follicles begin to develop en masse without leaving any traces. It can be applied quickly and effectively.
    • Hair Transplant FUE Technique; In the FUE technique, which is applied in a cold environment with the help of Manual Punch, local anesthesia is applied and stem cells are transplanted to the sparse areas of the hair one by one. This process is applied in sessions according to the frequency of the sparse area and the efficiency of the hair follicles. FUE technique is one of the most preferred hair transplants today.
    • Hair Transplant DHI Technique; In this technique, which has a direct hair hand, the canal is opened with special pens and the addition is made to the scalp. The technique, which has a high success rate, is among the techniques used to increase and tighten hair volume.
Hair Transplantation Technique Should Be Chosen Based On What?
Hair transplantation and its methods should generally be chosen according to the structure of the skin, hair and stem cells. In some cases, it can be chosen according to one's own preference. However, for the healthy development of hair, it will always be recommended to choose according to the recommendations of the specialist.
What is Robotic Hair Transplantation?
Robotic hair transplantation is among the techniques used in recent years. Hair transplantation is performed by computer. In robotic transplantation, which is applied with the FUE hair technique, the difference is that the sensitive arms of the computer do the hair transplantation, not the human.

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