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Having Different Covid Vaccines in First and Second Doses 'Provides Good Protection'

Having Different Covid Vaccines in First and Second Doses 'Provides Good Protection'

According to a study conducted in England, having two different brands of Covid-19 vaccine in the first and second dose provides good protection against coronavirus.

The Com-Cov study looked at getting two doses of Pfizer, two doses of AstraZeneca, and one followed by the other.

All the combinations in the study worked and improved the immune system.

Experts say this wisdom can provide flexibility in vaccination campaigns.

The trial also revealed that those with two doses of AstraZeneca vaccine may have a stronger immune system response to the disease if they receive a third dose of a different vaccine in the fall.

Some countries are already administering different vaccines in the first and second doses. Spain and Germany are administering Pfizer and Moderna vaccines as a second dose to young people who receive their first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine.

Getting two doses of vaccination is important in terms of obtaining the most comprehensive protection and the body's production of antibodies and T cells learning to prevent and kill Covid.

The results of the experiment, in which two doses of vaccine were administered to 850 volunteers over the age of 50, four weeks apart, are as follows;

Doing Pfizer after Astra Zeneca elicited more antibody and T cell responses than doing AstraZeneca after Pfizer
Both mixtures produced more antibodies than two doses of AstraZeneca.
The highest number of antibodies occurred after two doses of Pfizer vaccine, and the highest T-cell response occurred after AstraZeneca with the Pfizer vaccine.
Professor of Oxford University, who led the research. Matthew Snape said the findings did not affect the UK policy of giving two doses of the same vaccine to one person, adding: "We already know that giving two doses of the same vaccine 8 to 12 weeks apart is very effective against severe illness and hospitalizations, including the Delta variant."

Snape stressed that the new results show that mixing doses is also effective.

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