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How to do hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a necessary procedure as a result of the occurrence of hair loss, it is a common problem in men and women, and it greatly affects the mental health of individuals with hair loss. Every year, the number of patients receiving treatment for hair loss is increasing. hair transplantation; It is the process of transferring hair follicles from the regions where the hair follicles are denser to the areas that remain bald due to hair loss. Hair transplantation is a minor surgical procedure performed after the areas to be treated are numbed with local anesthesia.

How does the process work after hair transplantation?
Some or all of the transplanted hair experiences shock loss within 1-2 months. This is a situation that varies from person to person. While there is no shedding in some, it may even spill completely in others. It is generally expected that it will shed completely and this is a normal process. Shedding hair starts to grow after the dormant phase, that is, approximately 3 months after planting. And within 8 to 10 months, it will be in shape. Since the peak area is formed a little later, 10-12 months are needed for this area.

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