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What is Stem Cell

What is a stem cell; Stem cells, which are effective in the formation of organisms in the life of living things, play an important role in the formation of skin, hair, bones and organs. Stem cells also carry genes specific to the person in certain regions of the body, including the DNA helix. It is important in the regeneration of tissues, organs and structures.
What is Stem Cell Therapy?
Stem cell treatments are usually progressed by looking at what the disease is. For example, the stem cell used in injuries and tissue loss is not the same as the stem cell used in hair loss. Stem cells used in hair loss have a cell structure that carries the characteristics of the structure of the hair and is effective in hair regrowth.
What is a stem cell; The cell structure is an important building block that carries the DNA codes for the healing of the damaged area. It carries the characteristics of the tissue in the body structure in living things and ensures that the discomfort is eliminated by activating when the body needs it. In some cases, stem cell transplantation will be performed with external intervention and the damaged area will be regenerated.
The innate metabolism and enzymatic memory of the stem cell are effective according to the adipose tissue of the area used and the type of adaptation.
In Which Situations Are Stem Cells Used?
What is a stem cell; Stem cells, which are activated for the healing of the damaged area and tissue, can take place in our organs such as nerves, heart and brain. Stem cells in the skin and tissues are especially used in hair transplantation. The cells in the roots of the hair are damaged over time and cannot remain healthy as before. For this reason, our hair cannot come out after shedding.
Stem cells are used in hair transplantation, marrow transplantation and immune system diseases. Everyone's stem cell is ready to develop, renew and repair from the beginning of the egg.
What is Stem Cell Hair Transplantation?
In hair transplantation, stem cells from the hair follicle are taken and transferred to sparse areas. In this procedure, using the FUE technique, healthy hair follicles are taken from the person's arms, legs, nape, and behind the ears and transplanted to the sparse area.
Since stem cells have an important role in tissue and organ regeneration, they play a very important role in the application of treatment methods with techniques such as hair transplantation, hair transplantation and beard transplantation.

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