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Joint Pains

Things to Know About Joint Pain and Causes for Those Living in the Esenyurt Region Many people living in the Esenyurt region complain of joint pain in their daily lives. These pains usually occur with swelling, redness and stiffness in the joint area. So, what are the causes of joint pain and how can these pains be prevented? Here are the things to know about joint pain and its causes for those living in the Esenyurt region: Causes of Joint Pain Osteoarthritis: This condition occurs as a result of wear and tear of the articular cartilage. It usually develops with old age and affects joint areas such as the hip, knee and wrist. Rheumatoid Arthritis: This is an autoimmune disease and causes joint inflammation. It usually affects small joints such as the hands, ankles, and knees. Gout: This condition occurs as a result of the accumulation of uric acid in the body. It usually affects joints such as the big toe and can cause severe pain. Bone Fractures: Bone fractures can cause pain in the joint area and these pains can last for a long time. Fibromyalgia: This condition can cause joint pain with symptoms such as muscle pain, fatigue, and sensory tenderness. Ways to Prevent Joint Pain A Healthy Diet: A healthy diet can help prevent joint pain. Anti-inflammatory foods such as omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin C can help reduce joint pain. Regular Exercise: Regular exercise is important for maintaining joint health. Low-impact exercises can help reduce joint pain. Ideal Body Weight: Being overweight can cause joint pain. Maintaining an ideal body weight can help maintain joint health. Correcting Posture: Incorrect posture can cause joint pain. Correct posture and posture are important for joint health. Avoiding Stress: Stress can increase joint pain. Avoiding stress is important for joint health. For those living in the Esenyurt region, this is what you need to know about joint pain and its causes. You can try the methods mentioned above to prevent or reduce joint pain. However, if your pain persists, it is important to consult a doctor. A doctor can identify the cause of your joint pain and recommend appropriate treatment options. If you live in the Esenyurt region, you can contact us to find a solution for joint pain. Our expert team will be happy to provide you with the best service in joint health. People living in the Esenyurt region reading the article can apply to us to prevent or treat joint pain. Also, by sharing the article, we can reach a wider audience and promote our expertise. In this way, we can further assist those living in the Esenyurt region.

Esenyurt Lip Filling

Lip fillers have become very popular lately. This procedure is preferred by people who want to plump thin or voluminous lips, remove wrinkles or achieve a symmetrical appearance. We examined the details of the procedure for those who are considering lip augmentation in the Esenyurt region. What is Lip Filling? Lip augmentation is a procedure performed by injecting different materials such as hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite, poly-L-lactic acid and PMMA into the lips. Hyaluronic acid is generally the most used material. This material adds volume to the lips, reduces wrinkles and plumps the lips. What Should Be Considered Before Having Lip Filling? Before getting lip augmentation, it is important that you choose the right doctor. The success of lip augmentation can be achieved by choosing an experienced doctor. In addition, lip augmentation is usually painless, but since it is a delicate procedure, it may be beneficial to apply ice therapy before the procedure. How is Lip Filling Process Performed? The lip augmentation process takes about 30 minutes and you can continue your daily life immediately after the procedure. Before the procedure, you should talk to your doctor about how you want your lips to look. Your doctor can draw to determine the shape and size of your lips. During the procedure, hyaluronic acid is injected. The amount injected depends on the appearance and needs of the lips. There may be a slight swelling and bruising after the procedure. However, this usually disappears within 24-48 hours. How Long Does Lip Filling Take? Lip filling lasts between 6-12 months, depending on the type of material and the needs of the lips. At the end of this period, the appearance of your lips may return to its former state or the filling may need to be renewed. What is the Ideal Age Range for Lip Filling? There is no specific age range for lip augmentation. However, lip augmentation is usually applied to people over the age of 18. Before the procedure, it is important to discuss with your doctor whether lip augmentation is suitable for you. How Much Does Lip Filling Process Cost? The lip augmentation process may vary depending on the type of material used, the prestige of the place where the procedure will be performed, and the experience of the doctor. Lip augmentation in the Esenyurt region generally varies between 1000-1500 TL on average. What Should Be Considered After Lip Filling Procedure? After the lip augmentation procedure, you should follow the instructions given by your doctor. These instructions usually include: Keep your lips away from very hot or cold things for the first 24 hours. Avoid excessive activity for the first few days Do not apply pressure on your lips for the first few days Use the medicines your doctor recommends Avoid alcoholic beverages and smoking for the first few days In conclusion Lip augmentation has become a popular procedure in the Esenyurt region. It is preferred for volumizing the lips, removing wrinkles or obtaining a more symmetrical appearance. With the right choice of doctor and the right information before the procedure, lip augmentation can be performed easily and safely.

Esenyurt Beauty Center

Esenyurt is one of the rapidly developing districts of Istanbul and our beauty center located here offers skin care and laser hair removal services equipped with the latest technologies. Skin Care: Our beauty center in Esenyurt offers a range of skin care services tailored to your skin's needs. Our experts, who determine the type and needs of your skin by performing skin analysis, recommend the most appropriate care for you. Among these treatments, there are moisturizing treatments, acne treatment, spot treatment, anti-aging treatments and many more options. All of our skincare services use the latest technologies for safe and effective results. Laser Hair Removal: Our beauty center in Esenyurt specializes in laser hair removal. Our state-of-the-art laser machines offer a safe and effective method to permanently remove unwanted hair. Our laser hair removal services are suitable for women and men and can be applied to all body parts. The powerful settings of our devices provide faster results by shortening the treatment process. As Esenyurt Beauty Center, we work to provide the highest quality service to our customers. All of our services are offered in a hygienic and safe environment, and we guarantee the best results thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment. You can contact us to get more information about our beauty center in Esenyurt and to make an appointment.

Where is Lip Filling Performed?

Dudak dolgusu, son yıllarda estetik amaçlı en sık tercih edilen işlemler arasında yer almaktadır. Dudak dolgusu işlemi, dudakların daha dolgun ve çekici görünmesini sağlayarak, yüz hatlarını belirginleştirir. İstanbul Esenyurt bölgesinde yaşayan 18-60 yaş arasındaki kadınlar arasında da oldukça popülerdir. Dudak dolgusu işlemi, öncelikle dudakların şekline ve büyüklüğüne göre belirlenir. İşlem sırasında, hyaluronik asit gibi dolgu maddeleri dudaklara enjekte edilir. Bu dolgu maddeleri, dudakların hacmini arttırarak, dolgun bir görünüm elde etmenize yardımcı olur. Dudak dolgusu işlemi, dudakların üst ve alt bölümlerine uygulanabilir. Bunun yanı sıra, dudak kenarlarına da dolgu maddesi enjekte edilerek, dudakların daha simetrik bir görünüm kazanması sağlanabilir. Ayrıca, işlem sırasında dudak çizgilerinde de dolgu maddesi kullanılabilir. Dudak dolgusu işlemi genellikle 15-30 dakika sürer ve lokal anestezi uygulanır. İşlem sonrası dudaklarda hafif bir şişlik ve kızarıklık olabilir, ancak bu durum genellikle birkaç gün içinde geçer. Dudak dolgusu, kalıcılık süresi 6-12 ay arasında değişebilen geçici bir işlemdir. İşlemin etkisi tamamen kaybolduktan sonra, işlem yeniden yapılabilir. Dudak dolgusu işlemi, doğru tekniklerle uygulandığında oldukça güvenli bir işlemdir. Ancak, işlemi yaptırmadan önce, işlemi yapacak olan hekimin tecrübesini ve işlemi yapacağı yerin hijyenik koşullarını kontrol etmek önemlidir. Ayrıca, herkes için uygun olmayabilir ve bazı kişilerde alerjik reaksiyonlar ve yan etkiler görülebilir. Sonuç olarak, İstanbul Esenyurt bölgesinde yaşayan 18-60 yaş arasındaki kadınlar için dudak dolgusu işlemi oldukça popülerdir. Dudak dolgusu işlemi, dudaklara hacim kazandırarak, dolgun bir görünüm sağlar. Dudak dolgusu işlemi, doğru tekniklerle uygulandığında oldukça güvenli bir işlemdir, ancak herkes için uygun olmayabilir ve bir uzmana danışmak önemlidir.

Esenyurt Ice Laser

Sure, I can help you print an article on the ice laser process. I can prepare an article that gives information about the ice laser process in the Istanbul Esenyurt region. Ice laser hair removal is a hair removal method that has become very popular in recent years. This method is less painful, faster and has fewer side effects than other laser hair removal methods. Ice laser hair removal, unlike other laser hair removal methods, uses a layer of ice to cool the skin. In this way, laser beams penetrate deeper under the skin and work more effectively. There are many clinics and centers providing ice laser hair removal services in the Istanbul Esenyurt region. In these centers, ice laser hair removal is performed by qualified specialists. During the procedure, using a special device, laser beams penetrate the hair follicles under the skin and destroy the hair follicles. In this way, the regrowth of the hairs is prevented. Ice laser hair removal is usually completed between 6-8 sessions and is extremely effective. After the procedure, a slight redness and sensitivity may be seen on the skin, but these effects usually pass in a short time. There are many different options for those who want to have ice laser hair removal in the Istanbul Esenyurt region. However, before having this procedure, it is important to talk to a specialist and have it checked if the procedure is right for you. Ice laser epilation is preferred because it is less painful and has less side effects than other laser epilation methods. In addition, thanks to the cooling of the skin during the procedure, the side effects that may occur on the skin are also reduced. Ice laser hair removal can also be applied to different skin types. However, for the process to be effective, the hair follicles must be dark enough. Therefore, the ice laser hair removal method may be less effective on light colored hairs and white hairs.The prices of the centers that perform ice laser hair removal in the Istanbul Esenyurt region may vary depending on the region to be treated and the number of sessions. Generally, the larger the trading area, the higher the prices can be. However, many centers offer discounts for bundled sessions. Ice laser hair removal process creates a permanent effect on the skin and prevents the hairs from growing again. However, there are some issues that should be considered after the procedure. For example, sunlight should be avoided and a skin protective cream should be used. Also, to avoid irritating your skin after the procedure, you should avoid wearing tight clothes or rubbing the skin. As a result, ice laser epilation in Istanbul Esenyurt region is preferred because it is less painful and has less side effects compared to other laser epilation methods. However, it may not be suitable for everyone and it is important to consult a specialist before the procedure. In addition, there are some points to be considered after the procedure.

Esenyurt Private Hospitals

Health services are also one of the most important services in the economy. Hospitals that serve for the treatment of people and the prevention of diseases are divided into classes according to their different characteristics. Specialization in a certain field, establishment with the support of the state or individual are taken into account among the characteristics taken as basis in the classification. Esenyurt private hospitals are classified according to their organizations. What are the Privileges of Private Hospitals? • Lack of patient density allows doctors and nurses to spend more time with their patients. • Private hospitals use the latest technologies in diagnosis and treatment because they provide services in a competitive environment. • Considering patients as customers ensures better and quality service. • Again, depending on the competition conditions, hospital rooms are prepared with luxury equipment. People experience the feeling of a hotel room rather than a hospital. These advantages cause private hospitals to be preferred more. In addition to these, private hospitals, which are private institutions serving in a single area, provide free services in emergency services like public hospitals. Difference between Private Hospital and Public Hospital There are details that distinguish public and private hospitals serving in the field of health. These details also constitute the reasons why hospitals are preferred for treatments. Among the differences, there are items such as treatment costs, caring for patients, appointments to very distant dates in some procedures due to patient density. Due to the density, situations such as future appointments and not dealing with patients are not valid for Esenyurt private hospitals. These hospitals are always preferred health institutions with their services and quality. Interest in patients is high in private hospitals, whose expenses are higher than public hospitals. Treatment in Private Hospitals Esenyurt private hospitals, which are preferred with various privileges, work to provide the best service to their patients and to restore them to health. They provide services for the treatment of all kinds of diseases in private hospitals. Specialized doctors provide services in many fields, including neonatal intensive care, IVF applications, cancer treatments, skin diseases, aesthetic applications and internal medicine. In the procedures applied for the correct diagnosis before each treatment, long waiting times do not pass like state hospitals. Early appointments that prevent delays in treatments are important factors in choosing private hospitals for treatment.

Esenyurt Private Hospital

Many hospitals serve in the field of health. These hospitals are categorized in two different ways as public and private. Hospitals are the most important elements of the diagnosis and treatment processes of diseases. Hospitals working for the recovery of people receive government support. The government support received ensures the development of hospitals and providing quality services. The supports enable Esenyurt private hospitals and other hospitals to have an impact on the economy. The health sector incentive supports provide the development of hospitals and the revival of the country's economies. Why is Private Hospital Preferred? People apply to hospitals whenever they need. They get help on issues such as the causes of discomfort, treatment options to be applied, and the progress of treatment. Reasons for choosing a private hospital for these aids; Finding the difference in private hospital service and quality, paying more attention to the private and individuals of the services received. Esenyurt private hospital does not give future dates for the diagnosis and treatment methods that should be applied. No overcrowding. Interventions are started immediately for the disease for which help is requested. In public hospitals, an appointment is made for the use of some machines required for diagnosis a few months later. The fact that the patient density seen in public hospitals is not in private hospitals provides more attention to patients. Private hospitals are especially chosen because there is no queue problem. The intensity experienced in public hospitals causes disruption of treatments and patients turn to private ones. Service in Private Hospitals In health institutions in the category of private hospitals in Esenyurt, where patients are more interested, services are provided in all areas of health, from aesthetics to oncology. In private hospitals that work with experienced and successful doctors in their fields such as obstetrics, ophthalmology, and general surgery, the costs are determined by various factors. After the treatment, the patients are followed up with the same meticulousness. The inspection of private hospitals, which are patient-oriented, is carried out by the Ministry of Health. In public and private hospitals, first interventions are performed in emergency departments without any difference. Supervision of Private Hospitals Each hospital in the Esenyurt private hospital class, which is distinguished from public hospitals with its services and prices, serves under the control of the Ministry of Health. Prices, treatment modalities and the post-treatment process are carried out according to the rules published by the ministry at every similar stage. It is possible for private hospitals to continue to provide services by specializing in one area. All kinds of treatment and diagnosis methods of hospitals specializing in fields such as oncology can be examined.

Esenyurt Tickle Mesotherapy

The mesotherapy process takes place in the lower part of the chin, known as the submental area, and the formation that occurs with the fat distributions and skin sagging is called the jowl. It causes individuals to appear heavier than normal. Preventing the users of jowl use from feeling good aesthetically. People achieve the look they want with the Esenyurt jowl mesotherapy process. It is a safe option that gives precise results. What is the Jowl Mesotherapy Procedure? The process of melting the fats formed in the submental region of the lower part of the chin using a microinjection application with a mixture containing a variety of similar to each other is called jowl mesotherapy. It is one of the medical applications for aesthetic purposes. The fat collected by the process is destroyed, the skin rejuvenation of the part, which is the application area of the process, takes place. Skin sagging in the jowl area can be intervened. Jaw frames are pronounced. Who Can Be Applied to Jowl Mesotherapy? Various factors are considered in Esenyurt jowl mesotherapy applications. It is shaped by looking at the reasons for jowl protection that are not only related to the weight problem. Persons to whom the procedure can be applied; • Those whose jowl part does not create too much fat, • Those who experience sagging in the jowl area, • Those who are older and overweight due to local fat support, • Those who have lost their jaw line as a result of excess fat cells in their jowl and jowl sagging, • People who have aesthetic concerns due to the problem experienced, It is one of the non-surgical aesthetic treatment options that can be applied to the listed people. First of all, the cause of the jowl problem should be used. We do not show success in the examination until the reasons are learned. Centers that are safe, sterile and working with specialist doctors should be selected for the procedure. Reasons for the Jowl Mesotherapy Procedure Due to many different examinations, mesotherapy is carried out using its efficiency. Esenyurt jowl mesotherapy; • Occurrence when the genetic characteristics of the cells are effective in the formation of the jowl. • Loss of skin elasticity and sagging as signs of progressive aging, • Weakening of the postures of individuals in the jaw and neck muscles, Causes such as plastic surgery failure occurs in the jowl region. Those who do not like the food produced due to the formation of the jowl have Esenyurt jowl mesotherapy procedure done. Jowl Mesotherapy Procedure Application The areas of execution of the first jowl area of the mesotherapy unit are determined. Jowl mesotherapy begins as a result of numbing the procedure with a cream containing local anesthetic. The aesthetic process is usually completed in 10 minutes, several sessions of mesotherapy can be applied according to the usually occurring in food. It takes 10 to 15 days between sessions to reach the desired restrictions. The results of the procedure begin to be seen after 2 or 3 sessions. It does not provide permanent solutions, but its effect lasts for a long time thanks to permanent skin care and weight control.

Esenyurt Nasolabial Filling

Facial lines become more pronounced as age progresses, making people look tired and unhappy. Nasolabial lines arising from different factors are destroyed by Esenyurt nasolabial filling process. This is the biggest reason why people look older and sullen than they are. The lines that attract attention in moments of laughter are known as laugh lines. Facial anatomy and genetic factors are the most effective reasons for the formation of the smile line. In addition, the decrease in collagen production in the body with aging, skin thickness and skin types are among the factors. Where is Nasolabial Filling Process Done? Nasolabial filling is a Latin term. It is composed of noso meaning nose and labial meaning lip. The area where nasolabial filling is performed is applied to the line starting from both sides of the nose and reaching the lip edge. The process that destroys the lines that become evident with genetic and external factors is also known as smile line aesthetics. Alcohol and smoking, stress and unbalanced diet are among the effective causes of nasolabial lines. With the nasolabial filling process, people achieve a more energetic and youthful appearance. Filling is a process that is renewed at certain time intervals. Which Considerations Should Be Considered Before Nasolabial Filling? There are various points to be considered before the nasolabial filling process applied for aesthetic purposes. Important points before the filling process; • As with all medical procedures, there is a possibility of complications in the aesthetic application of nasolabial filling. • Attention should be paid to the choice of the center where the procedure will be performed and the budget. The choice of safe Esenyurt nasolabial filling procedures is important. • Detailed information about the risks in the filling process should be obtained from the doctor. • Medical background information should be given to the doctor and individuals with allergies should be informed about the suitability of the filling process together with the doctor. How is Nasolabial Filling Procedure Applied? The day of the operation is decided together with the doctor who is informed about the medical history and allergies. Local anesthesia is usually applied during the procedure. Filling material is injected into the laughing lines numbed with anesthesia. The injected filler makes the lines plump and disappear. The operation is completed in 20 to 30 minutes. Esenyurt nasolabial filling process is performed in more than one session. The process is done in sessions to prevent the filling from affecting the living standards. After the operation, individuals return to their lives in a short time. Also, you should not stay in cold or hot environments for at least 10 days after the procedure.

Esenyurt Gynecologist

Doctors who are trained and specialized in obstetrics and gynecology are called obstetricians. Esenyurt gynecologist, who works as an obstetrician, deals with the treatment of menopause, gynecology, pregnancy, childbirth and infertility. Obstetricians receive the title of operator because they perform surgeries. These doctors are called gynecologists. Patients of obstetricians are women of all age groups. Doctors who are active in the early diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases should be visited regularly. How to Become an Obstetrician? Physicians who have completed 4 years of practical and theory training in the field of obstetrics and gynecology after 6 years of medical school become obstetricians. Only in cases of gynecological diseases and genital system related to pregnancy, these doctors come into play. Gynecologists' areas of specialization are diverse. These doctors treat diseases such as cancer, birth control, menopause, abortion that are specific to women. They have the chance to choose one of these diseases and specialize in it. Physicians who aim to specialize in a single field or in different fields specialize by receiving special training on top of their basic education. Which Diseases Do Obstetricians Treat? 1. Esenyurt obstetrician performs routine check-ups of women during pregnancy. She treats problems in menstrual cycles. 2. They are obstetricians who perform duties such as general examination before pregnancy, tests to confirm pregnancy, regular monitoring if pregnancy is present. 3. It is the gynecologist who decides and performs the birth during the pregnancy process that progresses smoothly until the birth stage. They decide on the patient's cesarean or normal delivery. 4. The authority to perform the abortion procedure belongs to these doctors. Obstetricians perform the treatment of discharge, sagging or surgery, birth control and the treatment of families who want a baby related to the genital system. Where Do Obstetricians Work? Obstetricians and gynecologists work in public hospitals, private hospitals, examinations and clinics. Esenyurt gynecologist performs in vitro fertilization with treatments for menstrual problems, menstrual pain and pain, family planning and infertility problems. It is not right to go to doctors who are experts and competent in their fields only when there is a problem, in case of illness. Regular medical check-ups are important for health.

What is Parkinson's?

What is Parkinson's; It is one of the health problems of the motor system that develops due to the losses in the cells of the brain that produce dopamine. Parkinson's is a form of disease that has stages. Its manifestation is manifested by tremors of the jaw, hand, face, legs and arms. As time passes, the symptoms of the disease increase, and speech and walking difficulties are not experienced. The disease gradually causes individuals to become unable to meet their own needs. How is Parkinson's Disease Diagnosed? What is Parkinson's; It is a chronic movement disorder. It can occur in individuals aged 40-70 years. The age at which it occurs most often is 60. The disorder, which mostly occurs in the elderly, can also be seen in young individuals, although it is rare. If there are signs of Parkinson's in young people, they should consult a doctor. Although the incidence rate of the disease is 1%, the increase in human lifespan provides an increase in the number of Parkinson's patients. The first slowly progressing symptoms appear as muscle spasms and tremors on the left or right sides of the body. Symptoms of increasing severity envelop the whole body over time. Parkison, which has no definite cause, has a genetic predisposition. It is more common in those with a family history of Parkinson's disease. There are three known causes of the disease. These are chemicals, village life affected by pesticides, and using well water. Neurological examination, blood tests, spinal fluid examination with a needle from the waist and MRI-like methods are used for diagnosis. What Are the Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease? Parkinson's triggers various ailments such as depression, fatigue, behavioral disorder, weight loss, pain and sleep disturbances. The standard symptoms of the disease are stiffness, tremors, poor standing and slowed movements. Symptoms seen in stages in the disease; • Shaking hands, trembling of the lips and chin, involuntary movements of the fingers and twitching of the leg muscles, • Tremors with Parkinson's symptoms do not occur for any reason. Tremors occur when people are resting. • As the patient's movements slow down, he suffers pain and has to walk in close/short steps. • Changes/corruptions occur in speech and writing. Is There a Parkinson's Treatment? What is Parkinson's; It is a chronic movement disorder that develops due to the brain. There is a cure. Treatment begins with drugs that are given different doses to each patient. If the disease progresses over time, the amount of medication is increased. If the drug treatment does not give results, the option of surgery is applied. Surgical procedure does not provide full recovery, slowness of movement and body stiffness continue. Only the patient's tremor is minimized. In the last step of the treatment, it is in the form of supportive treatment applied so that patients can continue to take part in social life.

Esenyurt Botox procedure

Botox is a substance called exotoxin applied for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes. It is effectively used for the removal of lines and wrinkles on the face due to aging for aesthetic purposes. Esenyurt botox process applied by experts in safe places is healthy and simple. The substance, which affects only the area it is applied to, prevents the secretion of substances transmitted to the nerve endings. Why is Botox done? It is mostly applied as a solution to the problem of eliminating wrinkles and sweating in the face area. For the first time, it was applied to patients who cannot fully and properly move their eyelids/blepharospasm, for the treatment of lazy eye and cervical dystonia. In the future, it completely destroys the wrinkles formed in the face area. In solving the sweating problem, it prevents the sweat glands from oscillating. In this respect, the two main purposes of botox treatment are; 1. Wrinkle treatment and skin protection for cosmetic purposes. 2. It is used for medical purposes in the treatment of strabismus, facial paralysis, facial spasms affecting one side of the face, muscle spasms affecting various parts of the body and migraine. What are the Wounds of Botox Procedure? Esenyurt botox process is applied by professional people, so the occurrence of side effects is minimal. The majority of people who apply Botox do not have side effects. Redness and slight bruising may occur in the application area. The resulting side effects disappear in a short time. Difficulties such as speaking, chewing and breathing are rare. The fact that those who perform the procedure are professional and experienced reduces the incidence of side effects or completely eliminates side effects. Botox application should be done at certain intervals. When the Botox process is stopped, the body is completely restored and the signs of aging occur again. The intervals of the applications are 4 or 6 months. How is Botox Application Performed? For people who want to have Botox application, local anesthesia in the form of a cream is applied to the area they want Botox 20 minutes before the procedure. Botox raw material diluted on the cleaned area is applied with needles in low doses. The application time is 15 minutes, botox starts to take effect 24 to 72 hours after the application. In rare cases, the duration of action may be 5 or 7 days. Who Cannot Be Applied to Botox? Esenyurt botox procedure is done to people over the age of 18 who want botox application. But botox; • To women who are pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, • Individuals with muscle and nervous system disease, Botox cannot be applied to these people. The reason why it is not applied to breastfeeding women is that there is a risk of passing Botox to the baby through breast milk.

Esenyurt Pediatrician

Doctors who provide health and care services for children from infancy to adolescence are those who leave as pediatrics/pediatricians. Esenyurt pediatrician provides growth and development follow-up, general health, vaccination follow-up and vaccination services. It is provided with children with chronic diseases and who need to be constantly monitored. Pediatricians have different charts. After the basic medical education, they start to work by completing their education according to the fields preferred by the doctors. What are the Pediatrician Specialties? After 6 years of medical education, people who are successful in the graduation exam/TUS in medicine and who prefer the Department of Child Health and Diseases receive 4 years of training and start their duties. Doctors who finish their post-training internships become pediatricians. Pediatrician protection areas; • Oncology and hematology deals with the treatment of cancer and blood diseases between the ages of 0-18. • Infectious diseases occur with fungi-bacteria-parasites or rare infectious diseases and diseases that are difficult to treat. • Rheumatology takes with children with diseases such as bone and muscle ailments, joints and arthritis. • Nephrology deals with children with evacuation and transport diseases, transport stones and bladder tubes. • Be interested in the treatment of chest diseases, lung diseases and respiratory diseases. Apart from these fields, pediatricians can obtain the results of endocrinology, genetic diseases, emergency pediatric immunology and neurological diseases, neurology, cardiology, intensive care neonatology. What are the Duties and Responsibilities of Pediatricians? Esenyurt pediatrician's duties and duties are varied. These duties and responsibilities; • Making routine checks of those who are not in any environment and informing mothers, • Completing newborn baby controls, informing mothers about feeding and care of babies, • Head and male measurements of newborns, vaccination follow-ups until they turn 1 year old, These missions are important for consumers and keeping them under control. Pediatricians are responsible for the treatment and routine check-ups of all individuals with minor 18 spreads. Where Can Pediatricians Work? Employment in private practice, hospitals, community health centres, health care centres, military. They have the right to open a private inspection. They can serve in clinics as Esenyurt pediatricians. Rooms and offices of pediatricians are transformed into places where there are activities, games and books that will allow them to wait without getting bored while waiting for the examination and examination.

Esenyurt Sports Report

According to the regulation that entered into force in 2001 by the General Directorate of Youth and Sports, the Esenyurt sports report is subject to 2 different regulations. According to the law, different sports health reports are issued for those who participate in sports events and those who will do individual sports. According to Article 5 of the regulation, a license must be obtained from the relevant directorate or federation to participate in sports competitions. According to the 6th article of the same regulation, a health permit is also obligatory. The document is issued by a single physician. In the health examination; • Detecting the current diseases of the athlete. • Detecting possible diseases. • Taking precautions against all kinds of diseases. • Providing the athlete's treatment. • In the form of changing the sporting activity. Health Permit Certificate Article 17 of the regulation regulates sports cards for people who do sports in situations that cover all activities such as education and training institutions, sports federations, private sports facilities, provincial sports centers. The personal and family anamies of the athletes who want to obtain an Esenyurt health report and health permit document are evaluated. After a physical examination along with laboratory tests, the state of health is observed. Considering the sports branch to be performed within the scope of the examination, the examination is carried out accordingly. E-Athlete Report Those who have applied for referral via e-government since 2021 receive a document to determine that they are healthy to do sports. The e-athlete report certifies that the person is healthy and able to do sports with the document called first. After filling out the personal health information form via e-state, the athletes apply to the health institution. If, as a result of the examinations and tests, the physician is convinced that it is possible to do sports, he gives an e-signed Esenyurt health report. In order to get a health report, the family doctor is consulted. Health Report Validity Period Those under the age of 18 do not need the necessary health report to do sports, only the permission of the parents is sufficient. The doctor determines the validity period of the report, only the identity document is sufficient to be a report. If the family physician deems it necessary, the athlete is referred to private hospitals to be examined in the relevant department. The health report is obtained free of charge from family medicine clinics, and a fee is paid for the report in private hospitals.

Esenyurt Health Report

The Esenyurt health report, which is the document requested in official applications, is required to prove that the person is healthy. The report also identifies existing diseases. Legal results are the document that shows that the health report data is healthy in terms of physical and mental health, that proves its suitability to perform a certain job or purpose, and that is approved after the examination made by the authorized physician. Types of Health Reports There are reports expectations from departments such as getting a license, getting a job, applying to an educational institution or marriage. According to the reason for issuance, health report is divided into types; • Recruitment report. • Medication use report. • Incapacity report. • Marriage report. • Driver's license report. • Cloth report. Report to Be Obtained for Recruitment It shows the variability of the documents required for the Esenyurt health report obtained from family medicine, private hospitals, private medical centers and polyclinics, depending on the type of report. In the report to be taken for employment, 3 different report places as less dangerous workplaces, very dangerous workplaces and dangerous workplaces according to the occupational health and protection regulations. Within the scope of social insurance and general health insurance law no. 5510, the incapacity report is issued in 4 different ways; • Illness or illness. • Workplace accident. • Occupational disease. • birth and mode of delivery are determined. Marriage Health Report Those with chronic diseases receive a drug use report, the duration of the report is 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. Esenyurt health report issued for marriage to carry out to determine the situation that will constitute an obstacle to marriage. According to the Turkish Civil Code, the following bodies that will prevent marriage are determined in the marriage health report; • Syphilis. • Leprosy. • Yield. • Gonorrhea. • Chancroid. Driver's License Health Report The health report for the license is obtained from the health facilities of the universities, private hospitals, private polyclinics and medical centers. Using a driver's license health report, such as getting a new driver's license, renewing the driver's license, adding class and loss. The diaper report will be given to those who are bedridden or have to use diapers. The payments made for the cloth to be included in the report are covered by SSI. In order to get a diaper statement, a copy of the ID and a diaper report given by the specialist physician are required along with the prescriptions.

Esenyurt Health Report for Work

The document, which is obligatory to take for some occupational groups, determines the whole suitability of the health report for work in Esenyurt. The health of those who want to work in less dangerous or very dangerous jobs should be suitable for their job. Those who want to obtain a health certificate are directed to the contracted doctor. After the worldly and spiritual examinations, it is determined that he will start working. Application server for worker and manager according to Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331. In case of a referral to a certain doctor by the employer, the report is obtained through the doctor in the health and safety institution. Situations Requiring a Health Report for Work The worker has the right to object to the report, so the objections are made to the referee hospital. According to the groups that appear, a direct action is taken against the person. Esenyurt pays pregnant women who want to get a health report for work. The following sections of the health report are taken; • When the job is first entered. • He left his job due to a health problem. • Return to work due to health problems. • Occurrence of health problems while working. Health Report Renewal for Business After seeing the health reports after the examination by the workplace doctor, the ministry of health of the doctors should be found confidential for a final examination. Esenyurt emerges with the right document for those who want to get a health report for work, both mentally and physically. According to the report, the person is not suitable for his profession, he is not employed. Some departments need to renew their health report. Retention of cases that will require a renewal report; • Recruitment. • Job Change. • Occupational disease. • Work accident. Health Report Period for Work It has to be done by the employer as worker officers according to the law, otherwise the employer will be subjected to the penal action determined for the worker. In case of hiring those who are physically and mentally unsuitable for the profession, the insurance payment to be paid to the worker due to protective illness or work accident is taken from the customer. The validity period of the report varies according to vocational education. The report received for dangerous and very dangerous works has a validity period of 3 years. Those who will work in a very dangerous job class must obtain a health report once a year. In the less dangerous occupation class, the validity period of the report is 5 years.

Esenyurt Driver's License Report

Those who want to get a driver's license or renew their license have to get an Esenyurt driver's license report. The report is obtained free of charge from family physicians. If there is no obstacle, a driver's license health report is issued. Other than family medicine, the health institutions that issue a health report for driver's license are as follows; • Health facilities affiliated to the Ministry of Health or universities. • Private hospitals. • Private medical centers. • Family health centers or health centers. • Private practices. • Private polyclinics. Reporting Conditions Esenyurt driver's license report, which is obligatory to get a new driver's license other than adding a class to the driver's license or renewing it, and if the driver's license is lost, has changed in 2016. The driver's license class and reporting requirements determined by the group concept were divided into 2 groups.  A1, A2, A, B1, B, BE, F and M class driving license reports in the 1st group.  In the 2nd group, C1, C1E, C, CE, D1, D1E, D, DE and G class reports are prepared. Those who will receive an Esenyurt driver's license report should also have the following documents when applying to health institutions. • Blood group card. • Two photographs. • Glasses or lenses, if applicable. • Prosthesis, if any. • Continuously used medication. Tests When Receiving Reports The purpose of the driver's license health report is to prove that those who want to get a driver's license have realized their sight and hearing skills. At the same time, it is aimed to test the reactions to be shown in situations that may occur in traffic, as well as the diseases passed. Driver's license reports are easily issued by family physicians in Turkey. The process of getting the report is short and there is no need to pay any money for it, it is provided free of charge within the same day. The tests and examinations performed while taking the report are as follows; • Hearing loss. • Loss of balance. • Financial and alcohol dependence. • Cataract or visual impairment. • Night and color blindness. • Epilepsy. Personal Health Information Form A driver's license report is a type of report that is extremely easy to apply via e-government. After entering the e-government system, the personal health information form on the screen is filled. It is imperative that the requested information is correct and complete, otherwise problems will be encountered while obtaining the report. When the physician marks the "becomes a driver" part on the report, the person is entitled to receive the report.

Esenyurt Orthodontics

For orthodontic procedures where it is highly effective to improve your smile and appearance, you can have a long-term treatment with Esenyurt orthodontics and see the results of this treatment in the best way. What is Orthodontics? Orthodontics, which is the field of dentistry that focuses on the correction of disorders in the dental skeleton; It is a treatment method in which various techniques are used, including braces, appliances and surgery. Orthodontists work with patients of all ages to help them achieve the best possible dental and facial appearance. This treatment, which is a tooth correction and tooth staining using braces and other devices to move the teeth to their correct positions, is carried out professionally in the Esenyurt orthodontic clinic. Orthodontic treatment; It can correct problems such as crooked teeth, misalignment of teeth in the mouth, and a wide variety of other malocclusions. What are the Benefits of Wearing Braces? Wearing braces can provide many benefits, including a reduction in dental problems and better speech. However, the benefits are not limited to this. • braces; It increases the strength and stability of the teeth. This allows you to extend the life of your smile. • It can improve the alignment of the teeth, which can lead to a reduction in jaw pain and headaches. • Braces help prevent future dental problems. • Correcting dental misalignment is important for improving chewing and speaking skills. • Reduces the risk of tooth decay and other oral health problems. Braces offer many benefits for both children and adults. When choosing braces; It is important to choose a brace that will provide the best possible care for your teeth and mouth. What are the Most Common Problems in Orthodontics? Orthodontics is a surgical profession that deals with the correction of tooth alignment using braces and other treatments. Most orthodontic problems can be traced back to misalignment or improper treatment. There are some common problems. • Excessive corrections (tooth out of proper alignment) • Malocclusions (teeth not in the correct position) • Temporomandibular joint disorder • Poor tooth alignment (caused by genetics, diet and jaw structure) If these problems are not treated properly, they will lead to long-term dental and facial problems. You can work with Esenyurt orthodontic specialists for common orthodontic problems and go to solutions with various treatments such as braces and Invisalign.

Esenyurt Root Canal Treatment

In some cases, people have certain organisms and bacteria in their root canals. This organism and bacteria cause dental problems. In some cases, different treatments can be applied depending on the tooth structure. Esenyurt root canal treatment is one of these procedures. What is Root Canal Treatment? What are the symptoms? Root canal treatment; It is a procedure that involves removing the infected or damaged roots of a tooth. When the root canal is severely infected, Esenyurt root canal treatment can be applied if the di is no longer salvageable. • Pain when eating hot/cold food or drink; • Feeling pain when biting and chewing; • Cheek and chin swelling; • Darkening of the tooth color may be seen. Root canal treatment; Cleaning an infected tooth is a procedure that involves removing decayed or damaged roots and filling the cavity with material that will help keep the tooth healthy. How make is root treatment? Root canals are one of the most common dental procedures. It is often required to correct a tooth-related problem or remove a tumor. A root canal is made by a dentist using an endodontist drill and special tools. The purpose of the procedure; To remove the entire root canal system, including the tooth itself. In addition, before having root canal treatment, there are a few things you should know. • First, the dentist will use an anesthetic to numb the area around your tooth. • Using anesthesia is much less inconvenient. By scheduling an appointment with your dentist in advance, you should allow enough time for them to prepare adequately for your treatment. All your dental needs are thus met. Are There Any Risks and Side Effects of Root Canal Treatment? There are some risks and side effects associated with root canal treatment, but the benefits of having this procedure outweigh the risks. • Infection, excessive bleeding and tooth loss are among the most common risks. • Headache or nausea side effects are minor. • In some cases, serious conditions such as paralysis may occur. There are also some risks and side effects associated with root canal treatment, but these are usually minor and can be managed with proper care. Proper dental care, including regular cleanings and root canal treatments, can minimize these risks. In addition, for all kinds of dental health and care, you can find answers to your questions and find solutions to your problems by contacting your doctor who provides root canal treatment service in Esenyurt.

Esenyurt Dental Cleaning

To keep your teeth clean and healthy, it is important to have regular dental care. Dentists recommend cleaning teeth based on your oral hygiene habits. Esenyurt teeth cleaning process is carried out professionally for your dental health and care. What is Professional Teeth Cleaning? Brushing your teeth is one of the most important things you can do for your oral health. However, professional dental cleaning brings out the beauty of your teeth and makes them look more well-groomed and healthy. Teeth cleaning is important to reduce the risk of tooth decay, gum disease and other oral health problems. Therefore, you can benefit from Esenyurt dental cleaning services periodically. What are the Benefits of Having a Teeth Cleaning? Teeth cleaning is a routine procedure that can help improve your oral health. Therefore, there are many benefits of having teeth cleaning at certain times. • It helps to remove tartar and other plaques on the teeth. • It makes the teeth look brighter and cleaner. • It helps to improve gum health and reduce the risk of tooth decay. • Helps relieve toothache. • For people who are nervous about dental visits, it can provide a sense of peace and calm. Dental plaque can be harmful to your health and lead to tooth decay. Tooth cleaning can remove plaque and help keep your teeth healthy. Tooth cleaning at the same time; It helps to reduce bad breath, provide a clean smile and increase your self-confidence. How Often Should Teeth Cleaning Be Performed? Proper oral hygiene is important for overall health. Dentists recommend professional teeth cleaning at least twice a year for people who consume a lot of sugar and other refined carbohydrates. However, it should be noted that most people only need to have their teeth professionally cleaned twice a year, especially if they brush and floss regularly. At the same time, regular professional dental cleaning should be done every 6 months, but it will be important to consult your dentist and oral health specialist who provides professional service in Esenyurt teeth cleaning about the most suitable frequency for you. It is important that professional dental cleaning removes more plaque and bacteria than home cleaning methods. This will help prevent tooth decay and other oral health problems.

Why do gums bleed?

Gums get sick for various reasons and some negative situations begin to occur. Especially the causes of gingival bleeding, how it is treated, what are the symptoms are wondered. What is Gum Bleeding? What are the causes? Gum bleeding is one of the most common dental health problems. The first thing to notice about what causes bleeding gums is that it can also point to other health problems. Brushing the gums too hard and dentures that aren't properly seated can occasionally cause the gums to bleed. However, some gingival bleeding can have serious consequences. • Infection of the gums; • Cancer of the blood (leukemia); • Formation of vitamin deficiency; • Causes such as lack of coagulation also cause bleeding of the gums. When you brush your teeth, plaque and bacteria on your toothbrush begin to scrape your gums. This causes bleeding gums and dental health problems over time. What are the Symptoms of Gum Bleeding? Bleeding gums can be a sign of many things, but it's usually a sign of some kind of medical problem. They may be the result of a problem with the gums, such as gum disease or cancer, or they may be a sign of a problem with the blood vessels near the gums. • Swelling of the gums and • Pain in the mouth and gums is among the symptoms. In addition, one of the main causes of bleeding gums is plaque that forms on the gum line. This causes a gum infection or inflamed gum. Plaques that are not cleaned from the teeth harden over time and cause tartar formation. How Is Gum Bleeding Treated? Bleeding gums is a common problem and besides what causes bleeding gums, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for treatment. Treatment varies depending on the cause of the bleeding and the person's symptoms. Among the treatments that can be tried are; mouthwashes, pain medications, and temporary dental plugs or bridges. • In addition, at the first stage, the cause of the bleeding should be found. • If it is caused by tooth decay or a loose tooth, the tooth may need to be extracted. • bleeding; If it's due to a minor injury like a cut on your lip, rinsing and applying pressure with an ice pack is all it takes. On the other hand, if the bleeding is severe and painful, it is important to consult your dentist and ask for the necessary treatment procedure.

What is epilepsy?

What is epilepsy; Epilepsy disease, known as uncontrolled discharge of neurons in the brain, is also known as epilepsy among the people. The involuntary movement of the person and the discharge of a certain limb is an epilepsy disease. By having seizures in certain periods, the patient has unavoidable concussions and cannot control the movements in the hand, foot and head area. What Are the Symptoms of Epilepsy? What is epilepsy; The reasons for the onset of the disease are generally general genes from the family, having had meningitis and damage to the brain tissue. Epilepsy, which is not noticed at an early age, causes difficulties in the society in the future. Epilepsy symptoms are often observed in the person's body movements. Loss of consciousness in children and looking at a fixed point are among the symptoms of the disease. • Sudden contractions and tremors in the body; • Sudden loss of consciousness; • Fast blink; • unresponsive to voice and speech; • Uncontrollable shaking of the arms, legs and head; • Serial nodding and shaking; • Looking at a fixed point; Epilepsy symptoms, which are among the symptoms that can be seen before the seizure, can occur in children with good observation. What Causes Epilepsy? What is epilepsy; Epilepsy represents problems that come entirely from the brain. The reason why neurons need sudden discharge is due to the lack of a healthy nervous system. It can also be caused by the formation of meningitis due to childhood diseases or the loss of a function in the brain. This disorder can be observed in a child who has a family history of epilepsy. As the person cannot control body movements, fainting can also be observed in unconsciousness. During an epileptic seizure, it is very important for the person around him to act according to what the doctor says. What Causes Epileptic Seizures? Trigger factors in epileptic seizures are brain stimuli. A large part of the brain has lost its functions, which would affect the way neurons send signals to nerve endings. In other words, when the person is stressed, distressed and nervous, an epileptic seizure may occur. Seizures are not always seen as a crisis, they can also be seen in a way that the person cannot control their physical functions, especially the muscular system. Conditions such as word repetition or unresponsiveness are also defined as epileptic seizures. It can occur during sleep, it can vary between 5 and 20 seconds.

What is Alzheimer's?

What is Alzheimer's; The content of the detail in the brain is observed in the person's memory. In remembering, forgetfulness follows with forgotten reading. Preparations are completed in order to be able to complete their own life and preparations for situations related to people who are just about to be completed. What Causes Alzheimer's? What is Alzheimer's; a redirect as a protein in the nerve in the brain. “There are education over the age of 65, and very rare early Alzheimer's issues at the age of 40 and over. If they don't have Alzheimer's, if they die, their neural transmissions and anger can damage the nerve endings. Alzheimer's patients can be applied. The basis for this is the slowing of the neural transmission in people and slow training. If there are no hereditary reasons, the person is a lifestyle that will damage the main nerves that are effective in Alzheimer's. You like less water consumers as much as pleasure and use. What are Alzheimer's tools? Alzheimer's is unfortunately due to a different condition. Observation around him can go out. However, it is important to go to regular controls for early diagnosis and to get information about the nervous system. • Do not forget the name; • Don't forget to take change; • Don't forget to open from the night; • Recent forgetting and forgetting in the family; • Confusion; • Inability to determine time; • Day, week and month keeping; • Inability to live or perform daily activities; It is Alzheimer's in general. However, the things that can happen in the early period in life are described through observations in his life at home. It is seen as Alzheimer's education to prepare school books at home. How is Alzheimer's Diagnosed? What is Alzheimer's; As collected Alzheimer's, observation and evaluation is done from the eyes, without interviewing private individuals. Understanding words or using them in speaking, experience in perception of time and vehicle, helps guide students in reading texts. Of course, the information given by the patient's relative about the patient is important.

What is Stem Cell

What is a stem cell; Stem cells, which are effective in the formation of organisms in the life of living things, play an important role in the formation of skin, hair, bones and organs. Stem cells also carry genes specific to the person in certain regions of the body, including the DNA helix. It is important in the regeneration of tissues, organs and structures. What is Stem Cell Therapy? Stem cell treatments are usually progressed by looking at what the disease is. For example, the stem cell used in injuries and tissue loss is not the same as the stem cell used in hair loss. Stem cells used in hair loss have a cell structure that carries the characteristics of the structure of the hair and is effective in hair regrowth. What is a stem cell; The cell structure is an important building block that carries the DNA codes for the healing of the damaged area. It carries the characteristics of the tissue in the body structure in living things and ensures that the discomfort is eliminated by activating when the body needs it. In some cases, stem cell transplantation will be performed with external intervention and the damaged area will be regenerated. The innate metabolism and enzymatic memory of the stem cell are effective according to the adipose tissue of the area used and the type of adaptation. In Which Situations Are Stem Cells Used? What is a stem cell; Stem cells, which are activated for the healing of the damaged area and tissue, can take place in our organs such as nerves, heart and brain. Stem cells in the skin and tissues are especially used in hair transplantation. The cells in the roots of the hair are damaged over time and cannot remain healthy as before. For this reason, our hair cannot come out after shedding. Stem cells are used in hair transplantation, marrow transplantation and immune system diseases. Everyone's stem cell is ready to develop, renew and repair from the beginning of the egg. What is Stem Cell Hair Transplantation? In hair transplantation, stem cells from the hair follicle are taken and transferred to sparse areas. In this procedure, using the FUE technique, healthy hair follicles are taken from the person's arms, legs, nape, and behind the ears and transplanted to the sparse area. Since stem cells have an important role in tissue and organ regeneration, they play a very important role in the application of treatment methods with techniques such as hair transplantation, hair transplantation and beard transplantation.

Hair Transplantation and Techniques

Many people face the problem of hair loss due to environmental factors and genetic factors. Age, stress, lack of genes and vitamin deficiencies are the main causes of hair loss. Hair transplantation and techniques allow the hair to return to its natural and healthy appearance with FUT, FUE and DHI transplantations. Transplanting hair follicles to sparse areas and performing hair transplantation directly are techniques that have been developing since the 90s. How to do hair transplantation? Two methods are used for the application of hair transplantation. One of these methods is the FUE technique, known as live hair follicle transplantation. The second technique is to take the hair from one area and plant it in a sparse area. Hair transplantation and techniques, which are applied without leaving a trace and without being obvious, are generally performed under local anesthesia.     • Hair Transplantation FUT Technique; FUT technique, which is an old method, is to cut 3 cm of skin layer and transplant hair follicles to sparse areas. After this process, the hair follicles begin to develop en masse without leaving any traces. It can be applied quickly and effectively.     • Hair Transplant FUE Technique; In the FUE technique, which is applied in a cold environment with the help of Manual Punch, local anesthesia is applied and stem cells are transplanted to the sparse areas of the hair one by one. This process is applied in sessions according to the frequency of the sparse area and the efficiency of the hair follicles. FUE technique is one of the most preferred hair transplants today.     • Hair Transplant DHI Technique; In this technique, which has a direct hair hand, the canal is opened with special pens and the addition is made to the scalp. The technique, which has a high success rate, is among the techniques used to increase and tighten hair volume. Hair Transplantation Technique Should Be Chosen Based On What? Hair transplantation and its methods should generally be chosen according to the structure of the skin, hair and stem cells. In some cases, it can be chosen according to one's own preference. However, for the healthy development of hair, it will always be recommended to choose according to the recommendations of the specialist. What is Robotic Hair Transplantation? Robotic hair transplantation is among the techniques used in recent years. Hair transplantation is performed by computer. In robotic transplantation, which is applied with the FUE hair technique, the difference is that the sensitive arms of the computer do the hair transplantation, not the human.

What is EEG-EMG?

There are two types of tests, EEG and EMG, that can be used to diagnose medical conditions. It is important to be knowledgeable about what EEG-EMG is and in which situations it is used and how it is done. What is EMG? EMG about what is EEG-EMG called Electromyography and Electroencephalogram; It is a technique for measuring the electrical activity of muscles. EMG, which measures muscle activity in the body; It is used to diagnose brain and muscle problems such as seizures, strokes and injuries. It is used to diagnose and monitor muscle weakness, pain and other abnormalities. It can also be used to determine the fatigue level and intensity of exercises. The EMG technique is popular because it provides a more accurate way to measure muscle activity than traditional methods such as motion analysis charts or heart rate monitors. What Should Be Considered While Having EEG and EMG? Electroencephalogram (EEG) and Electromyography (EMG) are two common diagnostic tools used to evaluate brain activity. There are some things to consider while taking the test. Things to do before EMG; • The patient should come full and the necessary documents for the procedure should be brought with you. • Comfortable clothes that will not tighten the arms and legs should be worn and the body should be clean. • You should not have any jewelry or mobile phone on your body. EMG is performed between 20 minutes and 1 hour on average and you should be at the shooting site at least 15-20 minutes before the scanning process. Things to do before EEG; • The patient's hair should be clean and dry, and there should be no chemical (jelly) substance. • The patient's stomach should be full, and the toilet should be used in pediatric patients. • During the daytime shots, sleep should be taken, if sleeping pills are taken, the medication should be stopped 24 hours before the shooting. If there is an EEG or EMG taken before for both scans, these shots are among the documents that the patient should have with him. What is EEG and in Which Situations Is It Necessary? EEG about what is EEG-EMG performed in necessary medical situations; Also called an electroencephalogram, it is a test that measures the electrical activity of the brain. EEG is most commonly done when a neurological disorder is suspected or when there is uncertainty about the cause of a symptom. It's usually done in people who have had a seizure or during a sleep study. An EEG test is used to see if someone has brain damage. The most common application of EEG; It is to describe epileptic seizures but can also be used to study other neurological conditions such as Alzheimer's disease.

Epidemics in Children

Epidemics are a major concern for parents and pediatricians. Outbreaks are a serious public health concern, and childhood epidemics can have a major impact on children's development. What are the Most Common Causes of Epidemics in Children? Outbreaks are diseases that spread rapidly among populations and can be devastating. They can cause death and serious illness. There are many different types of epidemics and they can occur at any time. Most outbreaks in children are caused by viruses. These viruses can be spread by coughing and sneezing, or by contact with saliva, vomit or blood. Some of the most common viruses that cause epidemics in children are the flu, the common cold, and measles. In addition, the most common causes of epidemics in children are respiratory infections such as pneumonia and gastrointestinal infections such as diarrhea. What are Common Epidemics in Children? Children are often infected with many different types of viruses and bacteria. Some of these infections can be very serious and lead to epidemics. epidemic diseases in children; It is caused by viruses, bacteria and parasites. • Hepatitis A: It is a viral infection that causes liver inflammation and damage. It is common in children who have poor hygiene practices and come into contact with contaminated water. • Mumps: A virus that causes swollen glands on the neck and chin. • Pneumonia: It is the leading cause of death in children under 5 years old. It is close to diarrhea and measles. Apart from these, there are also diseases such as chickenpox, measles and rubella. Epidemics are transmitted through air, water, or human contact and can be fatal if left untreated. How Can Epidemics Be Prevented in Children? There are several ways to prevent epidemics in children. The most important thing is to protect them from germs. You can ensure they get enough rest, eat healthy food, and stay away from sick people. • You should be aware of the epidemic warning signs. • If you see any warning about an epidemic such as high fever, cough, diarrhea, you should take your child to the doctor. • You should have your child vaccinated against measles, mumps and rubella. The ways to protect your child and yourself from being infected with the virus are through personal care and hygiene. When you see a sign in your child, you should immediately consult a doctor. What Are the Latest Treatments for Epidemics in Children? There are a number of new treatments for epidemic diseases in children. If epidemic diseases in children are not treated, it can lead to serious consequences. • Vaccines are important tools in preventing childhood epidemics. • Treatments are available for respiratory infections in children. • Antiviral drugs and early intervention are important. Although there are some new treatment methods in the treatment of epidemic diseases in children, they are still under development. That's why there are still many unknowns about them. Latest treatments; It shows a lot of promise in helping to control and prevent health diseases in children.

What Should Be Inside the Lunch Box?

The issue of what should be in the lunchbox of children when they are at school is very important. It is important to provide them with nutritious and carefully selected foods that will keep them energized and focused throughout the day. What to Put in Children's Lunch Box in the Morning? Parents are always looking for new and innovative ways to feed their children better food. One way to do this is to offer lunchboxes with healthy, nutritious food choices. The contents of a child's lunchbox vary depending on their age, interests, and dietary restrictions. • You can put various fruits and vegetables. • For adults, you can have a sandwich or wrap or add some fruit and vegetables. • You can prepare a yogurt for breakfast. Starting your child's day with a healthy breakfast will help encourage good eating habits for the rest of the day. What Should Children Eat for Lunch? It may be tempting to prepare tons of snacks and lunches for your kids at school, but is it really a good idea? Children with a healthy lunch eat more than those who bring snacks throughout the day. There is a lot of variety about what should be in your school lunch box for your children. However, it is important to prepare the lunchbox, especially considering whether your child and their friends have allergies. • You should prefer fruits and vegetables. • You can give whole grain bread. • Low-fat cheese and yogurt • Especially water should not be forgotten. More and more schools today are implementing a healthy lunchbox program, where children bring their own lunches to school. There are many different types of lunches out there. However, you should prefer to give your children lunch consisting of healthy foods. What Are the Healthy Snacks to Put in the Lunch Box for Kids? If you're looking for healthy snacks that your kids will love, you can encourage them to pack healthier snacks in their lunch box instead of picking up snacks from the grocery store. It is important to pay attention to some points about what should be in the lunch box as a snack. • You can put healthy fruit and vegetable sticks. You can make easy and healthy snacks by filling small containers or bags with chopped fruits and vegetables. • You can choose a light yogurt or cheese sandwich pieces. • You can prepare a granola bar or other low sugar snack bars. • You can prepare energy bars or candies containing nuts and seeds. Snacks; In order for your children not to get bored or develop bad eating habits, healthy foods that you can prepare with your own hands should be preferred.

Esenyurt Skin Care

Etik Life Medical Center staff, which provides various skin care services to ensure patients look their best, has the knowledge and expertise to provide patients with the best possible care, from skin care to body care. Etik Life Medical Center Esenyurt skin care is an important part of general health. Our medical center offers a wide range of services to help patients look their best. At the same time, the medical center applies treatments for skin diseases; provides dermatology services, including examination, treatment and consultations. What is Skin Care? Skin care; It is an important part of maintaining health and can help prevent skin problems. A variety of skin care products are available, including creams, lotions, cleansers, and sunscreens. It is important to choose and use the right product for your skin type. Care is necessary to help your skin look healthy and smooth and to prevent skin problems. The way to find what works best for you is to try and see what works best for your skin. Etik Life Medical Center provides service with its professional staff and expert team in skin care and skin diseases. How is Skin Care Done? Many problems that may occur on the skin can be solved with medical treatment. In addition to the treatment of dermatological diseases, you can choose Etik Life Medical Center with Esenyurt skin care. The skin is the body's largest organ and protects you from the dangers of the outside world. In order to have healthy skin, it is important that skin care is done by dermatologists. Moisturizers can be used to keep your skin moist and looking smooth. At the same time, skin care is carried out by using various technological devices to make the skin surface smooth. The medical center, which also provides service with its expert team in cosmetic dermatology, performs skin care by applying cosmetic dermatology with non-surgical methods in order to protect skin health and beautify the skin. What Should Be Considered While Having Skin Care? When it comes to skin care, there are many factors to consider. From the type of skin you have to the ingredients in your products, there are things to keep in mind. Skin care; essential for keeping skin healthy and looking its best. But some people believe that certain areas of the skin should be treated differently from others. However, this is not true and skin care should be performed by specialist dermatologists in order to solve the problems on the skin and prevent other problems. That's why you can come to Etik Life Medical Center for skin care in Esenyurt, learn your skin type, learn which applications should be done, and get skin care in addition to the most appropriate treatment.

Esenyurt Medical Center

Esenyurt medical center, which focuses on providing quality health services to its patients, provides services with its professional staff. The medical center, which has been serving on many different units since 2000, also impresses with its 24/7 service approach. Etik Life Medical Center serving in Istanbul Esenyurt region; As a full-service medical facility providing quality care, it has been providing quality service to patients in and around the region for years. What is Esenyurt Medical Center? Etik Life Medical Center; It is a comprehensive health institution that has been serving the community for more than 20 years. Hospital; While providing diagnosis and treatment procedures, it also cures the problems of sick citizens with its medical departments. Offering a full range of medical services, the medical center offers adults and children; It offers a wide range of healthcare services, including the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, heart disease, stroke and other serious diseases. What are Esenyurt Medical Center Services? The medical facility Esenyurt medical center, which provides quality care in the Istanbul Esenyurt region, offers a variety of services, including hospital medical care, surgery and physical therapy. medical units; • Radiology • Otolaryngology • Internal Medicine • Diagnostic units • Medical aesthetic • Nutrition and diet • Dental unit • Anesthesia and reanimation • Dermatology of the skin • Neurology • Eye diseases • Orthopedics and traumatology • Physical therapy and rehabilitation • General surgery • Child health and diseases • Gynecology and Obstetrics • Consists of emergency departments. In the diagnostic units of the medical center; Services such as laboratory, endoscopic procedures, and radiological imaging are offered. At the same time, computerized tomography, x-ray, panoramic x-ray, ultrasonography, biochemistry laboratory, colonoscopy, newborn hearing aid, EMG and EEG devices for neurology are also available. What are the Working Hours of Esenyurt Medical Center? Etik Life Medical Center, located in the Esenyurt region of Istanbul, is a health facility where you can communicate 24/7. Esenyurt medical center; continues its services as an exemplary health institution in its region. Providing 24/7 service for the improvement, diagnosis and treatment of patients with reliability and health care in accordance with economic conditions, as well as quality, the healthcare institution continues to be a cure-all for many patients with its professional services for more than 20 years. You can reach the medical center 24/7 by calling 0212 620 06 20. At any time, by pressing the e-result button; T.R. You can also easily query all the details about your laboratory results by typing your number and patient number, the year of birth and the protocol number.

Esenyurt Lip filler

Lip augmentation, a popular cosmetic treatment that can be used to improve the appearance of the lips; It is available in various forms and can be used to fill in any area of ​​the lips that may be thin or uneven. Typically, Esenyurt lip augmentation is easy to apply and will provide lasting results but will not be permanent. That's why they need to be repeated once every 6 months. What is Lip Filling? Lip augmentation, also known as lip augmentation; It is the method used to increase the size and shape of the lips. Lip fillers; It consists of various materials such as silicone, hyaluronic acid. Lip fillings; It is specially shaped according to the wishes of the person. It can be administered by a variety of techniques, including injectable and non-injection procedures. What are the Benefits of Lip Fillers? Lip fillers are a safe and relatively painless procedure, but may require some revisions as they dissolve slowly. You will see many benefits in Esenyurt lip augmentation procedures. It can subtly or dramatically improve your appearance depending on your goals. It can help restore natural lip shape and volume, which will make you look younger and more attractive. It can be used to correct deformation caused by age, weight loss or other factors. Provides long-term comfort and support as they help to add volume and shape to thin or tight lips. In addition to changing your vision, lip augmentation; It also has benefits such as boosting self-confidence. Lip augmentation that gives you a more natural look; It can also be used to correct a wide variety of cosmetic problems such as thinning lips, sagging, sore lips. Where Is Lip Filling Best Done? Lip augmentation is one of the popular cosmetic procedures that can be done in various places. Some people may choose to have it done at the dermatologist's office, as they believe they will be more experienced and skilled at performing the procedure than someone who does lip fillers at the doctor's beauty salon. Other people, on the other hand, may prefer to have lip augmentation done in beauty salons. Because they feel more comfortable there and the staff is experienced in lip augmentation procedures. In addition, there are many places where lip fillers can be injected into the lips, depending on your personal needs and preferences. One of the best places to get lip fillers is the dermis, the layer under the skin. This is because; It is less visible and more natural looking than injections made to other parts of the lips. In order to gain the right volume and fullness in lip filling and to achieve a natural appearance; Etik Life Medical Center Esenyurt, which has been providing professional service and known for its professional services for more than 20 years, can have lip augmentation.

Esenyurt Filling Prices

Etik Life Medical Center is a professional health institution that has been providing quality health services to the community for more than 20 years. The staff of the institution consists of personnel with the highest standards. Wrinkle treatment and various botox treatments are also performed at the medical center. Therefore, Esenyurt filling prices are also wondered by people who want to buy the application. What is Infill Pricing? There are various applications to treat wrinkles and give the skin a younger appearance. Filling process, which is one of these applications, is only one of these applications. In addition, materials must be purchased in order to perform the filling application. In this process, filling pricing is carried out. When you have any dermatological problems or you want to see your skin more alive, Etik Life Medical Center offers pricing based on Esenyurt filler prices. Where should the filling be done? Depending on the individual characteristics and skin type of the person, the filling application can be applied to various parts of the face according to the preference of the person. Filling can be applied under the eyes, around the nose, middle of the forehead, cheeks and chin. • Face filling, a popular way to improve the appearance of facial features, can be done with many different fillers. • While some people prefer to have facial fillers in certain areas, others may prefer to have it done on a case-by-case basis. • The best place to have a face filler depends on your individual needs. With Etik Life Medical Center Esenyurt filling prices, you can have filling application at affordable prices. In addition, in the dental unit of the medical center, you can have your dental treatments done by dentists who have a bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Dentistry of 5 years. To these treatments; orthodontics, oral/dental/jaw diseases surgery, endodontics, pedodontics, prosthetic dental treatment, periodontology, restorative dental treatment, oral diagnosis and radiology dental treatments and filling procedures are also included. How Are Filling Prices Determined? There are a few factors to consider when determining face filler prices. Therefore, when determining the filling prices of Etik Life Medical Center Esenyurt; Elements such as the type of filling, the area filled, and how much filling is needed are taken into consideration. In addition, some facial fillers may require a series of treatments over time to achieve the desired results. That's why you should make sure to discuss your goals with your doctor beforehand. Etik Life Medical Center dental unit filling prices are also determined by many factors such as the type of material, the region where the dental filling is made, and the material used.

What Should Be Considered While Breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding is the best way of communication for the baby to establish a loving bond with his mother. Breast milk protects the baby from diseases such as diarrhea and respiratory tract infections, and has an important role in the development of the jaw and teeth. Breastfed children are more resistant to diseases such as asthma, allergies, and pediatric diabetes. Since there is enough iron in breast milk, anemia is not seen in breastfed babies. In addition, breastfed babies are less likely to experience diaper rash, abdominal pain and constipation. It helps the baby's mental, physical and mental development. How to feed the baby with breast milk: From the first hours, the baby's willingness, under appropriate conditions and with the right technique, is the most important condition for the baby to be fed with breast milk. The hormones oxytocin and prolactin secreted during breastfeeding ensure the discharge of milk in the breast and stimulate the production of new milk. How a successful breastfeeding should be: First of all, correct embrace and positioning are necessary for a successful breastfeeding. The mother should normally sit in a comfortable chair with her back straight. The baby should be embraced by the mother in a way that her face and body are in the same direction and facing the mother, her head is higher than the body, that is, forming a curved line. The baby's head should be positioned just in front of the elbow crease, with the mother's arm on the side of the breast-fed breast bent at the elbow. The baby's lower arm should not come between the mother and the baby. The baby's head should not be pressed from behind. The bottom of the mother's arm can be supported with a pillow if necessary. After the baby is properly positioned and taken to the lap, the baby should be brought closer to the breast from the bottom up, with the lower lip under the nipple, while the four fingers of the other hand support the breast from below, the thumb should guide the breast at the top. The mother should touch the nipple to the baby's lips and open her mouth for sucking, when the baby opens her mouth wide, the nipple and the brown part around it (areola) should be given to the baby's mouth together. The baby's chin should rest on the breast, the top thumb should prevent the nose from being blocked. I wonder if my milk is sufficient: It is understood that the baby is fed adequately by urinating at least five times a day, wetting the diaper, reaching birth weight by the 15th day at the latest, and gaining at least 500-600 grams per month. The reason for the loss of natural weight in babies in the first days is the decrease in the proportion of water in the body and the displacement of water; should not be attributed to breast milk insufficiency. The number of defecations, the baby's restlessness, sleep disturbance or excessive crying are not reliable criteria for the amount of breast milk. Similar complaints can be seen in babies who weigh very well. Only the fact that the diaper is always dry and a small amount of poop in small and hard pieces such as sheep droppings can be a sign of hunger. Apart from these, the most important criterion is that the baby does not gain enough weight. Foods that Increase Breast Milk: Consuming at least 10-12 glasses of water every day ensures an increase in breast milk. In scientific studies, it is seen that some foods and plants increase breast milk in particular. One of them is fennel. Fennel; It is a herbaceous plant and increases breast milk. Nettle, basil and rosemary are other herbs that increase breast milk. Problems seen in babies who do not receive breast milk: Since the digestive system contains protective substances against infections, babies who do not receive breast milk often get infections. The risk of otitis media is higher than that of breastfed babies. -The risk of developing some chronic diseases is higher in babies who do not receive breast milk (such as Type 1 Diabetes, Celiac Disease, Obesity, Coronary Heart Diseases) - When breast milk, which helps the baby's spiritual, physical and mental development, is not taken, problems such as attention deficit syndrome and apathy may be encountered. Babies who are not breastfed cry more often.

Having Different Covid Vaccines in First and Second Doses 'Provides Good Protection'

According to a study conducted in England, having two different brands of Covid-19 vaccine in the first and second dose provides good protection against coronavirus. The Com-Cov study looked at getting two doses of Pfizer, two doses of AstraZeneca, and one followed by the other. All the combinations in the study worked and improved the immune system. Experts say this wisdom can provide flexibility in vaccination campaigns. The trial also revealed that those with two doses of AstraZeneca vaccine may have a stronger immune system response to the disease if they receive a third dose of a different vaccine in the fall. Some countries are already administering different vaccines in the first and second doses. Spain and Germany are administering Pfizer and Moderna vaccines as a second dose to young people who receive their first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine. Getting two doses of vaccination is important in terms of obtaining the most comprehensive protection and the body's production of antibodies and T cells learning to prevent and kill Covid. The results of the experiment, in which two doses of vaccine were administered to 850 volunteers over the age of 50, four weeks apart, are as follows; Doing Pfizer after Astra Zeneca elicited more antibody and T cell responses than doing AstraZeneca after Pfizer Both mixtures produced more antibodies than two doses of AstraZeneca. The highest number of antibodies occurred after two doses of Pfizer vaccine, and the highest T-cell response occurred after AstraZeneca with the Pfizer vaccine. Professor of Oxford University, who led the research. Matthew Snape said the findings did not affect the UK policy of giving two doses of the same vaccine to one person, adding: "We already know that giving two doses of the same vaccine 8 to 12 weeks apart is very effective against severe illness and hospitalizations, including the Delta variant." Snape stressed that the new results show that mixing doses is also effective.

The Number of Covid-19 Cases Worldwide Exceeds 98 Million

The number of new types of corona virus (Covid-19) cases worldwide has exceeded 98 million. The number of people who died due to the virus reached 2 million 100 thousand 404. According to the "Worldometers" website, where Covid-19 data were compiled, the number of cases detected in the Covid-19 epidemic spread around the world rose to 98 million 89 thousand 877. The number of people who died due to the virus reached 2 million 100 thousand 404. The USA is the country most affected by the epidemic with 25 million 196 thousand 86 cases and 420 thousand 285 casualties. In the number of cases, India with 10 million 626 thousand 200, Brazil with 8 million 699 thousand 814, Russia with 3 million 655 thousand 839, England with 3 million 543 thousand 646, France with 2 million 987 thousand 965, 2 million 560 thousand 587 with Spain, 2 million 428 thousand 221 with Italy, 2 million 412 thousand 505 with Turkey, 2 million 108 thousand 895 with Germany, Colombia and 1 million 972 thousand 345, 1 million 843 thousand 77 with Argentina, with 1 million 711 thousand 283 Mexico is followed by Poland with 1 million 457 thousand 755, South Africa with 1 million 380 thousand 807, Iran with 1 million 354 thousand 520, Ukraine with 1 million 177 thousand 621 and Peru with 1 million 82 thousand 907. In the number of casualties, Brazil with 214 thousand 228, India with 153 thousand 67, Mexico with 146 thousand 174, England with 94 thousand 580, Italy with 84 thousand 202, France with 71 thousand 998, Russia with 67 thousand 837, 57 Iran with 1 thousand 157, Spain with 55 thousand 41, Germany with 51 thousand 151, Colombia with 50 thousand 187, Argentina with 46 thousand 355, South Africa with 39 thousand 501, Peru with 39 thousand 274, Poland with 34 thousand 561, 27 thousand 203 with Indonesia, and Turkey, 24 thousand 640, 21 thousand 499 to 20 thousand 572 followed by Ukraine and Belgium. Around the world, 70 million 467 thousand 972 people regained their health by defeating the virus. Currently, 25 million 521 thousand 501 patients are under treatment.

Science Explains: 11 Minutes of Exercise Three Days a Week is Enough to Get in Shape

According to research conducted by McMaster University and Mayo Clinic researchers and published in the International Journal of Exercise Science, it was found that it is enough to exercise for 11 minutes three times a week for six weeks to lose weight. Martin Gibala, who carried out the research conducted by kinesiologists and stated that it reduced the rate of fat by 7 percent, said: “It is nice to see our expectations confirmed. It is pleasing to see that a short exercise is effective in losing weight and getting in shape ”. Here is that research and 11 minutes of exercise ... According to the research conducted in Canada, it has been announced that it is enough to do 11 minutes of exercise three days a week for a healthy body. According to the study conducted in partnership with McMaster University in Canada and the Mayo Clinic, 20 people with a body mass index above the normal level and the same were examined. According to the Italian Roma report website, 10 of the participants exercised 11 minutes three days a week for six weeks, while the other half did not do any sports. At the beginning of the study, all participants were subjected to athletic ability assessments while entering resistance and muscle measurement tests. The study, which was completed on 20 people who were retested six weeks later, found a 7 percent decrease in weight of the group engaged in sports compared to the group who did not. Martin Gibala, professor of kinesiology at McMaster University, who was involved in research by kinesiologists, scientists studying human movements, said, “It's good to see our expectations confirmed. It is pleasing to see that a short exercise is effective in losing weight and getting in shape ”.

How to do hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a necessary procedure as a result of the occurrence of hair loss, it is a common problem in men and women, and it greatly affects the mental health of individuals with hair loss. Every year, the number of patients receiving treatment for hair loss is increasing. hair transplantation; It is the process of transferring hair follicles from the regions where the hair follicles are denser to the areas that remain bald due to hair loss. Hair transplantation is a minor surgical procedure performed after the areas to be treated are numbed with local anesthesia. How does the process work after hair transplantation? Some or all of the transplanted hair experiences shock loss within 1-2 months. This is a situation that varies from person to person. While there is no shedding in some, it may even spill completely in others. It is generally expected that it will shed completely and this is a normal process. Shedding hair starts to grow after the dormant phase, that is, approximately 3 months after planting. And within 8 to 10 months, it will be in shape. Since the peak area is formed a little later, 10-12 months are needed for this area.

What Differences Are Between the Five Corona Virus Mutations That Worry the World?

At least five new types of the new type of corona virus keep scientists up at night. Detected in the southeast of England, the B117 variation has been seen in at least 60 countries so far. The researchers explained that the mutation in question spread 50-70 percent faster. Other mutations originating in South Africa, Brazil, the USA and Germany did not spread as rapidly as B117, but they do show a number of mutations that have caught the attention of geneticists. As a molecular immunologist at Rockefeller University, Dr. "To be honest, we haven't gotten much sleep lately. But so far, none of the mutations have done what scientists fear most and mutated enough to cause more serious illness. But we continue to study them all the time," said Christian Gerber. Here are five mutations that scientists constantly watch ... UK: B117 At the top of the list for scientists is the B177 mutation, which was first seen in the UK. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned that the variant that spread to more than 60 countries last week could worsen the spread of the pandemic. A previous study by London College University in England found that B117 is 50-70 percent more contagious. However, Gregory Armstrong, who leads the Office of Advanced Molecular Monitoring at the CDC, told CNN, "The mutant virus does not cause severe disease, although it appears to spread faster. According to our current observations, it is decisive in hospitalization or death rates. "There is no increase." On the other hand, 17 genetic changes occurred in the B117 variant, including the spike protein to which the corona virus attaches to human cells. This means that mutations in the variant more easily enter the ACE2 receptors on the outer surface of the lungs, arteries, heart, kidneys and intestines. This leads to a higher probability of these particles infecting some cells in the sinuses or lungs if the air, which are corona virus particles, is inhaled. INFECTES 16 OUT OF EVERY HUNDRED PEOPLE Armstrong stated that the evidence that B117 is more easily transmitted is quite strong, “Approximately 11 out of 100 people who come into contact with someone infected with previous virus types become infected. However, 16 out of every 100 people who come into contact with someone with the B117 mutation are infected. Also, there is evidence that people infected with the B117 variant have higher viral loads. Therefore, it makes sense that the variant is more easily transmitted to humans because viruses invade the cells they infect and turn them into virus factories. "More infected cells means more viruses." SOUTH AFRICA: B.1.351 Much more physical changes occurred in the protein structure of the variant, named B.1.351 or 501Y.V2, first seen in South Africa than in the UK. In particular, an important change called E484K affected a significant part of the spike protein used by the corona virus to bind to cells. The researchers therefore believe that B.1.351 may partially reduce the effectiveness of vaccines. Commenting on the subject, Armstrong said, "The South African mutation is more concerned than other variants. Vaccine manufacturers and academic researchers are testing samples of this variant with others to see that it cannot survive the immune response caused by the mutant virus." "HUMAN BODY PRODUCED HUNDREDS OF DIFFERENT ANTIBODIES AGAINST SOUTH AFRICA MUTATION" On the other hand, Doctor Michel Nussenzweig of Rockefeller University does not think so. Nussenzweig and colleagues are working on the immune response to corona virus infection. The human body has produced hundreds of different antibodies to attack the South African mutation, according to the study published by the team in the journal Nature Monday. In the study, it was stated that people's immune response matured and got even better at targeting the virus. THE IMMUNE SYSTEM IS DEVELOPING AGAINST INFECTIONS "We have a pre-built reservoir of antibodies. The immune system goes into that pool and sees what fits well. Once it finds these antibodies, it can refine them and make them even better. Vaccines produce an immune response similar to natural infection. So, the immune response is an immune response," says Nussenzweig. "Even if a new variant emerges with mutations that allow it to bypass the part of it, the body produces antibodies that can see the non-hidden parts of the virus," he stressed that people should not worry about the mutation. BRAZIL: P.1 AND P.2 Two weeks ago, two mutations of the new type of corona virus, S.1 and S.2, were detected in Brazil. In a study conducted in Manaus, the capital of the Amazon, the P1 mutation was detected in 42 percent of the samples. 4 people from Brazil in Japan, the same varya

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